Working Together to Create Limitless Opportunities: TIBCO NOW 2021 Partner Excellence Awards

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    For partners, LIMITLESS means unparalleled partnerships, joint success, and unstoppable growth. The 2021 TIBCO NOW Partner Keynote covered new program developments, insights on accelerating performance, how to increase pipeline and customer success, and the winners of the 2021 Partner Excellence Awards. 

    TIBCO’s Partner Excellence Awards recognize partners around the globe that use TIBCO technology to deliver industry-leading solutions to achieve the highest degree of customer success and satisfaction. This year’s award winners exemplify dedication to working better together to generate LIMITLESS growth opportunities.

    The winners of the TIBCO’s 2021 Partner Excellence Awards are as follows:

    Enterprise Partner of the Year: Cognizant

    Cognizant, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, uses a unique, industry-based, consultative approach to transform clients’ business, operating, and technology models for the digital era. Partnering with TIBCO for over 15 years, Cognizant has delivered digital transformation successes to more than 400 customers, with a team of over 5,000 integration consultants to meet industry demands. Cognizant’s Integration and Process Management practice brings together the best of TIBCO’s product portfolio, including TIBCO Cloud Mashery, TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO Data Virtualization, TIBCO Spotfire, and more. 

    Small and Mid-Market Business (SMB) Sales Partner of the Year: Genware Computer Systems Inc.

    Adaptive to customers’ needs, Genware Computer Systems Inc. provides companies with tools and services and develops and implements solutions with leading-edge technologies powered by TIBCO to enable better decision-making. With more than 20 years of expertise in the field, Genware develops solutions that source and integrate data, leveraging data virtualization to create federated data sources and drive information through visual and streaming analytics. Genware has three solutions featured in the TIBCO Solution Showcase: Presentation Studio, The Connected Production Platform, and Gi-Dental. All three solutions have received formal validation through the TIBCO Partner Validation Program.

    OEM Partner of the Year: Cerner

    As a global healthcare technology company, Cerner works to connect people and systems around the world. The Cerner Healthcare Extensibility Platform (HEP) provides tools that enable writing cross-application workflows with Cerner and non-Cerner applications to orchestrate care and financial processes throughout the hospital enterprise. HEP utilizes TIBCO BusinessEvents to write complex event processing rules and TIBCO BusinessWorks for service orchestration, which empowers customers to easily automate, streamline, and connect applications. 

    Asia Pacific and Japan Partner of the Year: Ascention PTY Ltd.

    Following its win last year as Global New Partner of the Year, Ascention PTY Ltd continues to lead as clean data experts with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in data governance, data management, shared data assets, and quality data-driven solutions for APJ customers. By combining TIBCO products, such as TIBCO Data Virtualization, TIBCO EBX®, TIBCO Spotfire, and TIBCO® Messaging, Ascention launched its Citizen360™ offering in July 2020. Citizen360™ enables users to create the best citizen experience across all channels through a unified view of all touchpoints. As a TIBCO Gold Partner in 2021, Ascention expanded its footprint in APJ with the acquisition of the Information Builders (ibi) client base in APJ. The acquisition marked a continued exclusive partnership with TIBCO, adding more than 30 new clients across Australia, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Singapore, further strengthening our joint presence in the region. 

    Europe, Middle East, and Africa Partner of the Year: Apgar Consulting

    Apgar Consulting is a leading data advisory company recognized by analysts for supporting its customers in their journey to build a foundation for trusted data. Since 2013, Apgar Consulting has been a TIBCO partner that ensures customers achieve long-term success by maximizing TIBCO technology investments. In EMEA, Apgar Consulting serves both large enterprises and SMBs, tapping on TIBCO’s Unify portfolio of products and aligning solutions to market needs. One such solution is Apgar’s Data Catalog, which was built with TIBCO master data management capabilities and enhanced with data governance policies. Both its Data Catalog and MDM Finance solutions are featured in the Solution Showcase and have both formal validation through the TIBCO Validation Program. Committed to growing their business with TIBCO, the Apgar Consulting team increased by 25 percent in the last year while also achieving the highest number of TIBCO Certified Associates and TIBCO Certified Professionals on the Unify Track. 

    Latin America Partner of the Year: Aria PSW SAS

    TIBCO’s leading partner in Colombia, Aria PSW SAS specializes in supporting companies in acquiring technological solutions that efficiently develop its objectives and optimize its business processes through technologies, integration, and process automation management. Aria’s expertise is rooted in strong integration consulting practices and its commitment to positioning TIBCO EBX as the solution to help Colombian companies embark on their digital transformation journeys. 

    North America Partner of the Year: iSteer

    iSteer, celebrating its third consecutive win, delivers future-proof and sustainable solutions to customers, leveraging TIBCO’s Connect, Unify, and Predict product portfolios. The company’s TIBCO Center of Excellence brings together expertise from over 150 global TIBCO professionals and enables successful rollouts of full-stack API, integration, master data management, data governance, and data science Green Field Transformation initiatives. As a TIBCO North American partner, iSteer provides full-stack TIBCO capabilities to customers across manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, healthcare, and financial technology industries. Built with TIBCO technology, iSteer delivers customer success with solutions like IoT-based predictive asset maintenance, a credit risk scoring system, B2B supply chain modernization, farm-to-fork connected food and beverages, and healthcare interoperability across the payer and providers. The iSteer Credit Risk Scoring System is both validated through the TIBCO Validation Program and featured in the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase.

    Global ISV Partner of the Year: u-blox

    u-blox is a global technology leader in positioning and wireless communication in automotive, industrial, and consumer markets. Its smart and reliable solutions, services, and products let people, vehicles, and machines determine their precise position and communicate wirelessly over cellular and short-range networks. The u-blox Thingstream platform enables mass volume IoT devices to communicate with the cloud cost-effectively from anywhere across the globe. Together with TIBCO, the IoT data derived from any u-blox device can be transformed by TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform into powerful business insight. The u-blox and TIBCO joint solution, soon to be one of the next solutions featured in the TIBCO Solution Showcase, empowers customers to solve challenges more efficiently in fields such as manufacturing, logistics, telematics, and healthcare.

    Global Innovation Partner of the Year: Bahwan Cybertek (BCT)

    Bahwan Cybertek (BCT) is a global provider of digital transformation solutions in predictive analytics, digital experience, and digital supply chain management. BCT-TIBCO’s core team has veteran digital transformation solutions and technology experts driving innovation through outcome-based business models and proven and powerful IP solutions. The team has delivered highly noteworthy projects across geographies, including large-scale digital transformation, customer enterprise, and operational intelligence solutions using the TIBCO Connected Platform. Learn more about four of BCT’s solutions as featured in the TIBCO Solution Showcase: DropThought, PRIMA, rt360, and the Fuel Station Automation Project. The Fuel Station Automation Project has also received formal validation through the TIBCO Validation Program

    TIBCO Engagement Expert: Key Partner

    Key Partner is an innovation-oriented digital integrator. Its services combine know-how with advanced technologies to create real value for customers. Key Partner operates in all industry sectors offering consulting services, turnkey applications, and integrated ICT solutions, providing the keys for success to customers aiming to improve their business performance. Key Partner’s solution, ApiShare, featured in the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase, is a business-oriented service that offers each API client a high-level view of their API ecosystem and provides the tools to establish a comprehensive governing infrastructure. During TIBCO’s 2021 Partner Certification Days, Key Partner achieved a total of 381 certifications.

    New Logo Leader: Accenture

    Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security platforms. The company brings innovation to customers using TIBCO technology with a 360-degree approach, proven and supported by over 600 certifications to date and innovative solutions powered by TIBCO, including The Market Communications Hub, as featured on the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase. In 2020, Accenture onboarded multiple new logos by combining TIBCO-centric assets and deep knowledge in innovative technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledger.

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