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Customer Challenge

Discovering and understanding data is challenging for users, especially when it's fragmented or siloed in multiple sources. Those responsible for systems and sources that generate data are also challenged to maintain informative data descriptions and ensure compliance with data policies and rules for its use. A central location that registers data sources and captures key metadata information about data assets is critical for effective data management.

Solution Description

The Apgar Data Catalog is the missing link, delivering end-to-end data governance to overcome these challenges. The solution makes data findable, accessible, and understandable for everyone from analysts to data scientists and developers to casual business users. Built with TIBCO master data management capabilities, the Apgar Data Catalog offers a flexible, pre-built data model and governance using industry best practices, provides automated metadata generation and distribution through 350+ native connectors from TIBCO, and delivers data visualization of data governance dashboards.

Users can also add metadata, such as descriptions, tags, or data access processes to supplement structural metadata, such as column names and data types. The Apgar Data catalog offers enhanced tracking and monitoring capabilities by following the flow of data across your organization in an intuitive visual display of data lineage. And it helps manage data governance policies and regulatory compliance rules including for data privacy, GDPR, PII, and CCPA.

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