Centralize Data for Better Management and Compliance

Apgar Consulting works with TIBCO Unify solutions to accelerate data management strategies and provide governance of reference data, master data, and metadata. The Apgar Data Catalog enables businesses to access end-to-end data governance and capabilities in a user-friendly interface to more efficiently collect, manage, and analyze data.

Customer Challenge

It can be challenging for users to discover and understand data, especially when it's fragmented or siloed in multiple sources. Data stewards are tasked to maintain a variety of data (reference, master, and meta)—and their compliance requirements—across scattered information systems. It's critical for these stewards to have a central location that registers data sources and captures key metadata information for effective data management, which translates to better enterprise-wide decision-making and higher productivity.

Partner Solution

The Apgar Data Catalog makes data discoverable, accessible, and understandable for everyone—from analysts to data scientists to casual business users. Built with TIBCO master data management capabilities on TIBCO EBX®, the Apgar Data Catalog offers:

  • A flexible, pre-built data model and governance using industry best practices
  • Automated metadata generation and distribution through more than 350 native connectors from TIBCO
  • Visual data governance dashboards

Users can also add metadata (such as descriptions, tags, or data access processes) to supplement structural metadata, including column names and data types. The Apgar Data Catalog offers enhanced tracking, monitoring, and data lineage capabilities. It also helps manage data governance policies and regulatory compliance rules, including data privacy, GDPR, PII, and CCPA.


With an enhanced data management solution, organizations can promote more accurate reporting, eliminate errors caused by inaccurate data, and enable anyone to make better business decisions based on trusted data. The Apgar Data Catalog supports collaboration across an entire organization by delivering self-service capabilities to all users, so they can manage, govern, and consume all key data assets in one unified solution.

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