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BCT launches 'Real-Time Early Warning Systems'
BCT Digital_rt360 EWS
BCT launches 'Real-Time Early Warning Systems'

Customer Challenge

Due to their fiduciary duties, banks operate with intense systemic risks every day. Without a robust monitoring solution, these risks can quickly exacerbate, impacting the banking network and the financial health of small to large enterprises and the market at large.

Solution Description

The rt360 Early Warning System (EWS) is an AI-based predictive analytics product built for managing credit risk as per global regulatory standards. EWS is underpinned by a powerful engine that ingests thousands of data points from internal and external sources, such as core banking systems, rating systems, and online media. It analyzes this data for early identification of risk. Early analysis can help banks build recovery plans, review loans, increase collaterals, and take steps to reduce NPA and improve profitability.

Driven by intelligent automation, EWS enables portfolio managers and credit & risk analysts to track large volumes of corporate and retail portfolios for early warning indicators of stress. The system also features predictive EWS scorecards to rate propensity to default and assign multiple grades (watch list, exit, etc.).

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