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TIBCO Demo - CPP-DarkTheme
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Manufacturers and producers that focus on process improvement require data from a variety of systems in real time so that algorithms can be applied to derive metrics, including process capability indices. Often, following the Six Sigma methodology, this data is then further analyzed and predictive models created. Without the correct data in a timely manner opportunities for improved quality and reduced costs are often missed.


The Genware Computer Systems and Data Shack Connected Production Platform provides energy, mining and chemical manufacturers and producers with hyper-converged analytics powered by TIBCO for a next-generation intelligent digital plant. In addition, it provides a blueprint describing how to process source data and apply predefined machine learning models and advanced analytics—all in support of predicting process performance metrics such as process capability indices (CPKs), using Six Sigma Methodology.

The Connected Production Platform with advanced analytics algorithms embedded allows fast modeling of issues for understanding and explaining their cause. Models for continuous improvement work with experimental designs for analyzing what-if scenarios for immediate intervention and many other use cases.

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