Get to your data faster

TIBCO®–Data Virtualization

With data spread across multiple locations throughout your enterprise, the time required to locate and assemble the data needed adds unnecessary costs and delays to decision making. With the TIBCO®️ Platform–Data Virtualization capability, reduce the time spent finding data and increase time analyzing and actioning data. Bring data from multiple sources across your enterprise into a single view without having to move or copy data into a data warehouse or data lake.

TDV Studio use case

Create a data-driven culture across your enterprise

Data virtualization helps you quickly capitalize on the value contained from your data by enabling users with easy access to solve business challenges. When coupled with analytics applications, the TIBCO® Platform–Data Virtualization capability enables your business to view changing data in real time, and connect and manage your data within a unified experience.

TDV WebStudio use case

TIBCO®–Data Virtualization components

TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Manage and connect to all of your data in a singular view, with 350+ pre-built connectors and the ability to build custom connectors. TIBCO® Data Virtualization software is unparalleled with the support of cache targets, flexibility to create multi-table caches, and pre and post-processing capabilities to optimize performance for their customers.

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