Improve Customer Experiences with Real-time, Actionable Data

Bahwan CyberTek's dropthought works with TIBCO Connect and Predict Solutions to provide a comprehensive feedback management platform. dropthought’s intelligence engine powers businesses to gather instant feedback for customers anonymously. Additionally, the platform’s customer sentiment analysis provides real-time insights.

Customer Challenge

To increase customer and employee engagement, organizations must deliver personalized, engaging, and delightful experiences across multiple touchpoints. However, many companies don’t have the resources and capabilities required to integrate multiple touchpoints for comprehensive insights.

It's critical for organizations to integrate feedback with information generated by operational systems, including customer relationships management (CRM) and human resources management (HRMS) systems.

Partner Solution

Bahwan CyberTek's dropthought is a comprehensive experience management (XM) platform that combines multi-disciplinary analytical approaches to obtain data from various systems and touchpoints. The solution can easily integrate with any 3rd party applications and provide anytime, anywhere access through its mobile platform.

By combining experiential and operational data from the customer journey, dropthought helps organizations personalize customer interactions, attain real-time actionability, and analyze the root-cause of experience breakpoints.


Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, BCT dropthought enables customers and organizations to work together and improve experiences, interactions, events, and identify trends. dropthought provides companies with the power of customer insights for better collaboration and decision making.

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