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TIBCO Analytics Forum

TAF Day 2: Visual Analytics Are the Window to a Better World

Day two of TAF22, the TIBCO Analytics Forum, kept up the pace. A host of data analytics visionaries, data science pros, and...
TIBCO Analytics Forum

TAF Day 1: How Visual Artist Nadieh Bremer Decorates Time and Space

“Art is how we decorate space, and music is how we decorate time.” That "visual" insight comes from TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer,...
TIBCO Data Virtualization and Snowflake

The Power of Snowflake and TIBCO Data Virtualization

Data is the new competitive battleground, and businesses that take advantage of their data will be the leaders. According to McKinsey, companies...
TIBCO Spotfire

4 Ways Data Visualization Helps Your Organization

According to MIT, 90 percent of information translated to the brain is visual, and the human brain can process images in as...
TIBCO Data Virtualization

Top 5 Benefits of a Data Warehouse for Your Data-driven Organization

A data warehouse is a centralized repository that stores data from all areas of your business. The concept of data warehousing is...
TIBCO Connected Intelligence

5 Ways Smart Companies Overcome Legacy Technology Lock-in

The pace of new technology is ever-growing, with little chance of slowing down. As a result, enterprises that invested heavily in new...
TIBCO Official Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Partner

TIBCO CEO and Lewis Hamilton on the Importance of Data for Supporting Inclusion

In a wide-ranging talk on the value of diversity, TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman and seven-time Formula One champion Sir Lewis Hamilton discuss...
TIBCO Spotfire

Machine Learning and AI to Process Streaming Video Data in Traffic Webcams

Nobody loves traffic, except maybe data scientists.  In the short video below, the TIBCO team in Australia shows how...
TIBCO Analytics Forum

Calling All Hackers to the TIBCO Analytics Forum Hackathon

Calling all hackers! The ever-popular TIBCO Spotfire Hackathon is back. So popular, in fact, we are already at max capacity! (But you...
TIBCO Innovation Day 2022

Scaling Innovation: Making Analytics and Data Management Part of the Corporate DNA

Are you able to scale the innovation of your data-driven decisioning? And can you make this part of your corporate DNA?