Superior API Ecoystem Management

Key Partner's ApiShare, built on TIBCO integration solutions, is a business-oriented service that offers API clients a high-level view of their API ecosystem and provides tools to establish a comprehensive, governing infrastructure. Key Partner is an innovation-driven digital integrator and application management company, focused on TIBCO technology, web, and mobile solutions.

Customer Challenge

API management initiatives are perceived as simple technical solutions to a complex technical problem. But after an API management solution is in place, organizations typically run into several challenges:

  • Centralized data: Organizations need a high-level view of their API ecosystem to find critical information quickly.
  • Invoked services: It can be difficult to display which users or partners are invoking which service.
  • API management: Businesses need to manage, monitor, and automate all API-related processes.
  • Monetization: Businesses need to easily market and monetize assets like a public shopping window or marketplace.
  • Data silos: Enterprise teams and internal organizations are often compartmentalized without clear channels of communication, preventing technology and asset sharing.

A typical API Management solution is designed to publish, manage, and monitor APIs from a technical standpoint—and often does not resolve these internal challenges.

Partner Solution

With ApiShare, businesses can solve all these challenges and more—providing their customers with a microservices architecture integrated with their existing API gateway. Users have a web portal to navigate the enterprise product catalog, oversee the API lifecycle, manage the organization, and request API usage.


Key Partner's ApiShare solution unifies a business' API catalog—driving efficiency, providing re-use, and enhancing current systems. Elevate your enterprise assets into digital products, providing governance and promotion on a social business platform.


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