TIBCO NOW Day 4: Smarter, Faster Decision-Making with Limitless Analytic Innovation

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As we close the books on the final day of TIBCO NOW 2021, the conference finished strong with an incredible showing from the Predict Premium Track, which included a variety of exciting breakout sessions and hands-on training sessions. 

With a strong focus on continual innovations in hyperconverged analytics to make the process more intuitive and human-augmented, attendees were invited to discover the limitless possibilities of analytics to further both human and machine-driven decision-making.

Predict Premium Keynote: Accelerate Decision-Making with Immersive, Real-Time Insights from Hyperconverged Analytics

Tobias Lehtipalo, TIBCO’s VP of Product Management, opened the Predict Keynote with the topic of the future of Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software, saying, “I believe that there are six critical capabilities that will be required in BI and analytics platforms going forward. And I think that TIBCO, because of our history and recent innovations, are uniquely positioned to address those requirements.”

Tobias Lehtipalo

The six capabilities delineated by Lehtipalo over the course of the presentation were:

  • Democratized analytics accessible to all
  • Continuous, real-time analytics
  • ModelOps
  • Data Science
  • Hyperconverged analytics
  • Cloud-native deployment technologies 

As has been a prominent focus across the entirety of TIBCO NOW, Lehtipalo emphasized the importance of providing every business function throughout an organization with tools that enable them to do self-service analytics that empowers them to make data-driven decisions. 

He also discussed how TIBCO Spotfire Mods make Spotfire infinitely customizable by allowing anyone to create purpose-built visualizations that meet their specific needs, providing a demonstration of different visualizations charts that gave a full scope of the example data set. 

Lehtipalo also unveiled new augmented analytics capabilities for WebFocus and Jaspersoft before turning things over to Francesco Del Greco, Autostrade per l’Italia’s CIO and Digital Transformation Leader. 

Del Greco outlined how the engineering company is driving real-time digital transformation at scale for Italy’s transportation systems. Del Greco describes the beginning of Autostrade per l’Italia’s digital transformation journey, “We started envisioning what we wanted the company to become. Data-driven is the key thing there, actually helping the company and making decisions based on data.”

Del Greco then went on to explain how TIBCO has helped the organization achieve its goals, saying that “We’re using the visualization technique from TIBCO, we’re using Spotfire from TIBCO, and we are replacing a manual activity that was actually drawing up charts, which took roughly 12 to 18 hours and is now something that takes two seconds to get done and the level of accuracy is fantastic.”

Next, Michael O’Connell, TIBCO’s Chief Analytics Officer, provided an “under the hood” view of the Machine Learning and AI that’s powering products like TIBCO Data Science and Spotfire. 

Michael O’Connell

O’Connell specifically honed in on how these two products, in particular, can work to fuel collaboration across an enterprise: “TIBCO Data Science and TIBCO Spotfire…they interoperate and interact. So this allows a business analyst or an engineer in Spotfire to run a data science model in TIBCO Data Science interactively and back-and-forth, and that allows the business analyst and the data scientist to innovate in parallel, which is pretty cool.”  

O’Connell introduced Dr. Ngiam Kee Yuan, the CTO of the Singapore National University Health System (NUHS), who is leading the development of the new Endeavor AI health system to solve healthcare challenges through scalable AI and machine learning. 

Dr. Ngiam explains that NUHS built the Endeavor AI platform, which uses Kafka Messaging systems as well as microservices to support many of its clinical use cases. NUHS is able to deploy AI tools that utilize natural language processing to screen for breast cancer, as well as “…oncology models, and deep vein thrombosis predictions. We also have discovery applications to predict the effectiveness of drug therapies. We want to optimize the care of our patients by improving waiting times and strategies for patient trajectory prediction.”

Dr. Ngiam Kee Yuan

The keynote also spotlighted the latest TIBCO innovations for turning data into insight and action faster than ever before, expanding the capabilities of the traditional business analyst to further democratize data science and empower users to be LIMITLESS. 

Breakout Sessions

The final day of TIBCO NOW offered a wealth of engaging and informative breakout sessions, including “TIBCO Spotfire: Innovate with Mods and Expand Your Visualization Possibilities,” wherein attendees learned ways to radically improve their Spotfire visualizations. The session also featured a tour of recently released Mods like the Sankey Chart, Word Cloud, Animated Bubble Chart, Area Chart, and Spider Plot.

The WebFocus session, “TIBCO WebFOCUS: Discover the New Experience in Authoring Content,” demonstrated the new user experience in the WebFOCUS platform and how the new authoring experience lets users rapidly create collections of responsive pages, pull content from multiple sources and formats, and more.

During the “TIBCO Data Science Experts: Build A Predictive Model” session, attendees were able to learn little-known tips, tricks, and techniques for building their own predictive models, as well as get questions answered by data science and modeling experts.

Watch Predict Sessions on Demand

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s TIBCO NOW a success! If you missed out on a session or just want to revisit your favorites, all of the content is available on-demand for attendees through October 30. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.