Real-time Monitoring and Analytics Capabilities in a Single Platform

Bahwan CyberTek's Process Intelligence Real-time Monitoring and Analytics (PRIMA) works with TIBCO Connected Intelligence solution to deliver a platform that supports business transformation. The solution is designed to help improve business resiliency even in times of market volatility to support your organization's competitive position.

Customer Challenge

The pandemic has increased business challenges, bringing shorter business cycles, greater data volumes, economic pressures, and increased customer demands. For organizations in essential and high-demand industries, economic survival depends on having an agile, end-to-end solution that provides visibility into the business.

Partner Solution

BCT PRIMA provides a robust, intelligent, single-platform solution with deep, powerful process monitoring and advanced real-time analytics capabilities. It is suitable for all industries, especially banking, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, transportation, and logistics.


BCT PRIMA's enterprise-level streaming analytics capabilities help organizations predict seen and unseen events, such as delays in sales or potential roadblocks in operations. The solution's pre-emptive event notifications provide advance warnings. Its operations monitoring and controlling keep track of key business indicators in real time, alerting your organization to anomalies to help you avoid potential risks and providing leadership with critical business intelligence for better, faster decision making.

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