Leading-edge Visual Analytics for Your Dental Practice

Genware's Gi-Dental solution enables faster decision making for dental services organizations and multi-clinic practices using the power of the TIBCO Spotfire® platform. The Genware solution provides advanced analytics that allows users to visually analyze their data—enabling dental care providers to operate with greater speed and efficiency.

Customer Challenge

Improving care while lowering costs is a top challenge for healthcare organizations, and meeting these goals is easier said than done. What stands in the way? Patient records and other data sources are often stored in disparate platforms and formats that can't communicate. These information silos make generating and reconciling reports time consuming and difficult, inclining management teams to distrust reporting and business analytics.

Partner Solution

Genware provides healthcare organizations with the tools they need to make faster decisions based on in-depth data analysis. The Gi-Dental solution is built on the TIBCO Spotfire platform, which leverages electronic health record (EHR) data to provide advanced visual analysis of live data. Customizable, robust interactive dashboards deliver the capability to quickly and efficiently analyze data and make informed, fact-based decisions.

The Gi-Dental business insights engine covers four key areas: performance management, billing, patient, and operations. Users can track core financial and operational metrics across clinics and departments and proactively manage procedures, providers, and patient records for more accurate predictive modeling of the practices' needs.


TIBCO Spotfire licenses are included with the Gi-Dental solution, allowing full flexibility to visually analyze data based on specific needs. Users can also enhance existing content and add additional data from financials or surgical systems. With built-in capabilities for statistical analysis and modeling, dental practices can take advantage of predictive and prescriptive analytics to quickly extend and incorporate custom calculations.

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