Customer Challenge

In Healthcare, improving care while lowering costs is consistently the goal, and typically easier said than done. Patient records and other data sources are stored in various platforms and formats. Report generation lags and is often hard to reconcile. Management teams then become distrustful of reporting and business analytics.

Solution Description

Genware provides healthcare organizations with the boost needed to enable faster decision-making through in-depth data analysis. Advanced visual analytics of live data is built with TIBCO technologies. Robust interactive dashboards give you the capability to quickly and efficiently analyze data and make informed fact-based decisions.

The Gi-Dental business insights engine covers four key areas: performance management, billing, patient, and operations. Users can track core financial and operational metrics across clinics and departments and proactively manage procedures, providers, and patient records for more accurate predictive modeling of the practices' needs.

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Genware Computer Systems, Inc.

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