Support Faster, Smarter Oil & Gas Fuel Station Analytics

Bahwan Cybertek's Fuel Station Automation Project (FSAP) works with TIBCO Predict Solutions to create an end-to-end solution for real-time visibility and control of oil and gas retail operations. The FSAP addresses every major component of the fuel station such as vehicle identification, wetstock management, and fleet contracts.

Customer Challenge

Fuel distribution companies, fuel marketing companies, and commercial fleets need extensive resources to enable a robust distribution network. With the right optimization practices, backed by automation solutions, organizations can improve profitability and enhance the entire fuel network and fleet management value chain.

Partner Solution

FSAP is a powerful SaaS-based solution for reporting, managing, and monitoring real-time analytics to support faster, smarter management and decision-making. The platform's advanced notification engines show business users all events as well as potential events—plus notifications and alerts generated at retail outlets.


With FSAP's streaming capabilities, business users can control, monitor, and predict business challenges and roadblocks. Using forecasts and analytics shared by FSAP, organizations can better predict business needs for strategic planning and decision-making.

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