Your Comprehensive Guide to The 2019 TIBCO NOW Global Tour Product Announcements

Nelson Petracek CTO TIBCO NOW 2019
TIBCO CTO Nelson Petracek at TIBCO NOW London
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The 2019 TIBCO NOW Global Tour has come to a close, but the inspiration to Innovate Everywhere will remain with all who attended. Each of our three sold-out events—Singapore, Chicago, and London—resulted in a multitude of innovative ideas to help drive digital business across the globe, thanks to our partners, customers, sponsors, and all who attended. 

Now that the global tour has concluded, we thought we’d round up the most important announcements that were made, to keep you up to date on the latest innovations with the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform: 

Updates and Additions to the Connect Portfolio: 

  • TIBCO Cloud Integration
    • Now available in Microsoft Azure (Connect capability). Customers can now integrate their Azure apps, Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, and Sharepoint data all in a single cloud environment.
    • New connectors available, providing access to Microsoft Common Data Service and as well as data from applications connected by TIBCO Cloud Integration into TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps.
    • The first iPaaS to provide native support for GraphQL. 
    • Child organizations allow for greater control and flexibility over the integration process.
    • App-based subscriptions provide greater options to customize integration needs and allows customers to start small and grow as their needs expand.
  • Project Flogo®
    • Project Flogo® now has a new, open-source web designer for building and testing resource-efficient streaming applications. 
    • CatalystML, a brand new open-source specification and Project Flogo implementation enables developers to transform real-time data streams for use with machine learning models—on a device, in the cloud, anywhere.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Events can now proactively identify cases of interest to contextually identify meaningful events and determine next steps. 
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery 
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus®  is now available on the TIBCO®  Connected Intelligence Cloud platform. It empowers business users to map, adapt, operate, and collaborate on strategic business processes.
  • TIBCO Messaging Manager 1.0.0, including an Apache Kalka Management Toolkit, allows for easier, continuous integration and deployment. It provides a central point of control and automation for all admins, operators, and developers.

Updates and Additions to the Unify Portfolio: 

Updates and Additions to the Augment Portfolio: 

  • TIBCO Spotfire® enhancements include The TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams Connectivity Wizard. It offers a guided walkthrough for users to self-serve on connecting various streaming data sources, allowing users to connect to real-time data the same way they would for historical data in Spotfire.  
  • TIBCO Spotfire added native connectivity for self-service access to TIBCO ComputeDB™ in-memory database, which is based on Apache Spark™ and Geode™ and optimized for analytics.TIBCO Spotfire now offers Snowflake Data Warehouse and Google BigQuery support. A new interactive AI capability in Spotfire allows running AI on selected data to explain the difference between selected and non-selected data.
  • TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Web Client now includes support from TIBCO Data Virtualization, allowing for unified views of disparate data sources. 

Other Noteworthy Announcements: 

Thank you to all who were able to join us during the 2019 TIBCO NOW Global Tour. Whether we saw you on one of our stops or not we hope you’ll join us in Las Vegas next year for the 2020 TIBCO NOW, September 22-24 at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.