Define, Simplify, and Share Business Processes in Minutes

Clear diagrams to simplify communication, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve business processes

To grow and transform, you need to clearly communicate how to get things done, and done correctly. The best way for any size organization to do this is by mapping your business processes and operations. TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® software as a service makes it easy, so that—without any special technical notation or IT involvement—you can document and diagram full end-to-end processes that support every member of your organization. You can facilitate business growth, compliance & audit, and rapid employee on-boarding. Govern and communicate operational changes and transformation efforts to minimize business disruption and ensure regulatory compliance.


Optimize Regulatory Compliance

Our governed and auditable integration with regulatory frameworks helps thousands of companies improve and reduce the cost of maintaining and substantiating compliance. Clearly defined operational processes are the best approach to meeting your obligations, especially for GxP industries that need greater control and validation. Contact us to learn more about Nimbus® software for GxP support.

Optimize Regulatory Compliance

Transform your Business with Process Thinking

Visualize and analyze how your business currently operates and how it could be improved. Get everyone on board and educated on what happens, how it should be done, and what needs to change. Nimbus software supports effective collaboration that cuts through organizational silos and complex environments to deliver successful transformation programs and continuous improvement.

Find and Fix Inefficiencies

With a single end-to-end view of processes, you can identify and eliminate non-value adding activities, see the full business impact of proposed changes, and calculate a clear return on investment for process improvement and automation projects.

Eliminate Organizational Silos

Connect your teams and improve your agility by quickly providing the information necessary to determine the impact of a change, allowing entire groups to submit feedback and suggest enhancements. This streamlined way of operating can also reduce your time to market and advance SLAs enabling new products, services, policies, and operating procedures.

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