Making the Most of the Apache Pulsar Messaging Platform Has Never Been Easier

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A responsive digital landscape has increasingly become a must-have for businesses in order to create the resiliency to weather challenging market conditions and to differentiate themselves through re-imagined customer experiences, streamlined operations, and real-time insights. An important piece necessary for you to achieve these goals is the distribution of real-time data across the business enabling you to capitalize on it. 

Messaging is a key technology needed to meet the growing demand for real-time data distribution. As a result, messaging needs have grown more complex as businesses need solutions for data streaming and processing in addition to message queuing. 

Apache Pulsar has emerged as an exciting solution due to its highly flexible and scalable nature, as well as its ability to natively support both streaming and message queueing in one solution. 

What is Apache Pulsar?

Apache Pulsar is an open-source, cloud-native distributed messaging and streaming platform. Pulsar was originally developed at Yahoo! but was contributed to the Apache Software Foundation in 2016 and is now a top-level Apache project. 

The key features of Pulsar include: 

  • Support for both streaming and queuing messaging systems
  • Geo-replication
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Persistent data storage
  • Low latency, high throughput communication
  • Pulsar Functions, a serverless computing framework that offers stream-native data processing.

Announcing the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Apache Pulsar

Our new Apache Pulsar connector allows you to quickly and easily connect to your Pulsar broker and provides out-of-the-box activities and triggers to send and receive messages. With this connector you can:

  • Securely connect to your Pulsar broker using TLS or a JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • Configure triggers that subscribe to messages published to a topic, with support for Exclusive, Shared, Failover, or KeyShared subscription types. 
  • Send messages to a topic by mapping string or JSON content, with optional compression.  

The Apache Pulsar connector is great for many use-cases, such as subscribing to messages produced by edge computing devices and performing transformation and/or analysis of them. 

You can also use Pulsar to create an architecture for publishing messages on any broker and topic in your network, based on the state of your Flow, sending these results to another topic for distributed communication. 

The Apache Pulsar connector is included in every TIBCO Cloud Integration subscription, as well as the TIBCO Flogo Enterprise license. You can also contribute to the open-source project on GitHub at this Project Flogo repository!

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Learn More About What TIBCO and Apache Pulsar Can Do For You

More information on the TIBCO Cloud Integration Apache Pulsar connector, including connector documentation, can be found here. In addition to Apache Pulsar, TIBCO has a broad portfolio of over 200 connectors that can be used to connect virtually any endpoint in your IT landscape, including business applications, databases, legacy technologies, and more. Our full portfolio of connectors can be found here

For more information on Apache Pulsar and how to choose the right messaging platform for your business, check out our detailed whitepaper, Choosing between Kafka, Pulsar, and Other Messaging Technologies.