TIBCO ComputeDB: An Apache Spark-based Database for the Enterprise

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There is a growing need in today’s era of digital transformation for the real-time analysis of data, but most data platforms can’t meet this need. Although they store and analyze an unprecedented volume of data, they can often only handle static or batch data analysis. When organizations attempt to stitch together different platforms themselves to accomplish a more instantaneous data analysis, the process can be hard, time-consuming, and expensive.

This is why TIBCO acquired the high-performance in-memory data engine, SnappyData, an open source, a real-time, always-on, operational data platform that fuses streaming analytics and in-memory data management with OLTP and OLAP capabilities into a single scale-out platform.

Going forward, we’ll be calling the enterprise version of SnappyData Inc. TIBCO ComputeDB™ – Enterprise Edition. TIBCO ComputeDB adds valuable enterprise features to the open source project, including robust security, off-heap data storage, approximate query processing, management features, high-performance ODBC driver, specialized CDC stream receivers, and enterprise support. The freely available open source project, which is the foundation of TIBCO ComputeDB, will continue to be known as Project SnappyData – Community Edition.

Increased Real-time Analytics Capabilities

TIBCO ComputeDB combines streaming, interactive analytics, and artificial intelligence in a single, easy-to-manage distributed cluster. With any data from any source using any cloud database, TIBCO ComputeDB allows you to dramatically reduce the complexity for both developers and Ops. This dramatically reduces resource requirements (CPU, memory, network) through the use of statistical techniques to maintain a small fraction of the data and respond to analytic questions at Google-like speeds.

Help your data scientists and data engineers work together more effectively and tackle your biggest data challenges with this new offering. TIBCO ComputeDB, enables “speed-of-thought analytics”, instantaneous analysis on data, that allows for more informed decision making and eliminate database optimization tasks. With TIBCO ComputeDB, digital businesses can propel their analytics and data science initiatives forward with simplified, agile, live analytics on data in motion and at rest.

Get started with the Project SnappyData open source product with code freely available under an Apache Spark license.1

Benefiting the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Platform

TIBCO ComputeDB enhances TIBCO’s analytics portfolio by providing a central data store and computes fabric that brings it all together. The unified analytics data fabric provided by TIBCO ComputeDB enhances the analytics, data science, streaming, and data management capabilities of the TIBCO platform to provide faster insights, improved performance, and increased agility for intelligence at scale.

Examples of ways TIBCO ComputeDB enhances TIBCO Connected Intelligence:

  • An interactive, highly scalable, “in-cluster” query engine for TIBCO Spotfire
  • High-Performance data prep and machine learning engine for TIBCO Data Science
  • A historical store for IoT Streams that complements the live streaming capability of TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams for Spotfire X

The combination of other TIBCO products and TIBCO ComputeDB makes the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform one of the best available solutions today for driving real-time insights for a variety of use cases, including predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and more.

Stay tuned for more announcements on this exciting acquisition!

1 https://www.apache.org/