EBX Goes Big in 6.1 Launch: TeamUp, Tile View, Boosted Hierarchies, and More

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For more than two decades, TIBCO® EBX software has helped businesses manage their data with an industry-leading master data management (MDM) tool. What started as a single tool to manage, govern, and share data within an organization has grown into an MDM solution that hosts capabilities and features for a fully functioning enterprise MDM platform. EBX software scales with your business—which is key to the future—especially with the growing annual quantity of data: 33 Zettabytes in 2018 to a projected 175 Zettabytes by 2025, as studied in The Digitization of the World From Edge to Core by IDC and Seagate. 

EBX software was built with the future of your business data in mind. Its agile, model-driven design automatically creates applications and user interfaces for data stewardship, workflows, and hierarchies—just to name a few. Forget the one domain per silo approach, multidomain allows you to master and model domains, relationships, metadata, and reference data with one solution. And the very best part? EBX technology is meant for everyone, not just data experts and developers. EBX software empowers business users with self-service capabilities for improved collaboration and more data-driven decision making. 

EBX’s newest launch will make MDM even more powerful with new tools to drill down into data hierarchies, new data views, improved collaboration, and improved search capabilities. Data transformation has never been so easy. 

Improved Business Objects

The new business objects feature automatically allows EBX to import data and aggregate information from different objects once you define the information structure in your database. This new feature allows you to create a new business layer to combine customer and address information and add associated features right at this level of data rather than having to move the data elsewhere for processing. Overall, the business objects feature is designed to improve the ease of integration by creating a simplistic experience—one example being related entities such as auto-filling all available fields. 

Additional Data Tools

Currently, EBX technology offers tabular or hierarchical views for data. With the 6.1 release, there will also be a tiles view, where you can display record sets in a graphical way rather than tabular or hierarchical. In addition, EBX software will feature boosted hierarchies so that when you want to see your data in a hierarchical view, you can display it by added attributes, group by attribute, and see those results directly. Plus, with new skipping level hierarchies, more data will appear in hierarchical search results. For example, if you have customer address data such as country, state, city, zip code, or street address, but one of those fields is missing, the customer data will still be listed in the next highest hierarchy. 

Staging modules for data are also coming to EBX software in this release. This feature will allow you to migrate your data workflow, model, and security configurations from one environment to another by generating a package with all of that information for import. This new feature will reduce the need for custom migration modules and simplify the migration process. 

Better Business User Experience

In addition to all the data features already added to EBX 6.1, there are several improvements to business user tools as well. First, EBX software will have a social component where users can comment, react, and reply to data for a more collaborative experience and improved feedback. TeamUp makes it easier for your business users to interact with the data. Workflow diagrams got a graphical optimization and performance improvement in this release as well. 

EBX software will also have an improved search experience, where users can now search based on metadata and data tags. Metadata searches allow users to search based on the last record created, last user upload, and more. Data tags, a feature of TeamUp, allows users to tag data and then search based on those tags as well as comments and ratings. 

Best In Class Just Got Better

EBX technology has been named a leader in master data management solutions nine times this year alone. And that was before the 6.1 launch! This EBX launch was built with your business users and biggest data problems in mind. More tools in your toolbox and more tools in the hands of your business users for any data challenge.