TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps

Low-code app development to quickly build, deploy, and innovate

TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps is the ultimate, easy-to-use platform for building scalable business applications. Because it's low code, business users finally have the power to turn their ideas into fully functional apps in just minutes. Plus, IT can say goodbye to their overloaded backlog. The process is so quick and easy you can even address one-off problems. Don't just think of what you want and how it should be managed...make it happen. What kind of business app do you want to build? See the app demo library.

Business Users Solve Business Problems with TIBCO Cloud Live Apps

Business Users Solve Business Problems

With an intuitive user experience, you can instantly create applications to tackle issues facing your business today. TIBCO® Live Apps offers a guided wizard with five simple questions so that business users aren't slowed down or restricted by the need for in-depth technical skills. Now, you can own the execution of your vision.

What kind of business app do you want to build? See the App Demo Library.

Live Apps Demo - Company Meeting

Easy and Secure Integration

Live Apps works seamlessly with your existing data and applications so that no app is an island, and instead, they all work together. Business users can integrate with confidence that the system is safe, secure, and properly governed.

Customization and Speed

Often, making updates and modifications to apps can be a long and painful experience. With Live Apps, we've made the process from test to launch simple, quick, and painless. Feedback is captured quickly, and new versions are deployed rapidly, so you're innovating faster than your competition.

Backed by the Power of TIBCO

As a part of the trusted and proven TIBCO platform, you are able to leverage the power of the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud. Like building blocks, these offerings can be used on their own or together to continue to grow your business. You can compose applications as simple or as complex as you need.

Marketing: Campaign Management App
Hospitality: Customer Service App
Banking: Fraud Detection App
Incident Management: Help-desk App
Insurance: Automobile Claim Processing App
Blockchain: Development of Secure Enterprise-Grade Apps
IoT: Enable Better Decisions and Faster, Smarter Actions
Energy and Utilities: Customer On-boarding App
Oil & Gas: Field Technician App
Telecom: Real-time Offers

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