TIBCO Teams Up With AsyncAPI to Advance Modern Event-Driven Apps

TIBCO Teams Up With AsyncAPI to Advance Modern Event-Driven Apps Project Flogo
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In an increasingly real-time and event-driven world, IT architectures are often still built in a request-reply structure. This has the potential to create latency and unfulfilling customer experiences. But with the emergence of new models of architectures, like serverless and Kafka, a new generation of technologists are creating new tools to build real-time, event-driven engagement with end customers. 

Open-source project AsyncAPI is one such community where developers are working on these new tools. AsyncAPI is an API documentation specification for how event-driven services communicate with one another. As an emerging language standard, TIBCO is sponsoring the project with the goal of changing the way businesses execute event processing via APIs. 

At San Francisco’s recent APIdays, AsyncAPI founder Fran Mendez shared how TIBCO is helping the open-source project to create a holistic solution for building event-driven apps. Mendez spoke about event-driven APIs and how the developing standard (AsyncAPI specification) can help companies evolve to event-driven thinking to solve problems in new ways.

AsyncAPI founder Fran Mendez speaks at APIdays in San Francisco TIBCO Project Flogo
AsyncAPI founder Fran Mendez speaks at APIdays in San Francisco

AsyncAPI is important because it empowers more developers than ever before to unlock the value of events and asynchronous APIs, making IT architectures far more efficient than they are with request-response structures.  “The real difference between the request-response paradigm and the event-driven world is that events and messages allow your system to be real-time and reactive, as opposed to waiting until a request from the client is made. The server pushes the update when the time is right, no request needed,” explained Mendez. The open-source nature of the AsyncAPI spec means it does not enforce any particular type of protocol, and it is interoperable with any messaging system, including MQTT, Kafka, WebSockets, and more. 

TIBCO has been closely associated with the project since its early days as a Gold Sponsor, with TIBCO Cloud Mashery and Project Flogo helping to enable enterprise use cases for event-driven APIs. “Messaging and event processing technologies, including Apache Kafka, are supported by TIBCO. They are the lifeblood of understanding and reacting to events. The AsyncAPI spec allows any system to interpret and trigger an action from the event, something that request-response are unable to do,” Mendez said. 

The event-driven framework of Project Flogo, the API management capabilities of TIBCO Cloud Mashery, and the standard in event-driven APIs AsyncAPI bring together a powerful combination that is enabling developers to build event-driven apps that are changing the way digital businesses interact with their customers and partners. 

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