Event Processing for Real-time Decisions

Reduce decision latency by turning streaming data into actions

Digital businesses must design applications that allow the business to be proactive not reactive. This requires the ability to process huge amounts of data in real time to identify meaningful events while there is still time to influence the outcome—whether to mitigate risk or improve the customer experience or operations. TIBCO Cloud™ Events service is a cloud-native solution for improving business outcomes by detecting key events and automating the next best action.


Influence Outcomes with Fast Action

Leverage relevant real-time contextual information—and master, reference, and historical data—to identify events of interest, or even those expected but missing, and determine the next best action. Efficiently handle all stages of the event processing pipeline, including ingest, preprocessing, real-time rules, and analytics to produce the best outcomes.

Think and Act as One

Build declarative rules without worrying about the underlying plumbing. Define and capture key business conditions, and automate actions. TIBCO Cloud Events service takes care of the execution and matching of related data.

Run at Top Speed

Enterprise-grade TIBCO Cloud Events service is built to support 24X7 operations with bundled recovery, including fault tolerance and load balancing. Seamlessly scale to accommodate your growing transaction volumes.

Put Business in the Driver's Seat

Put Business in the Driver's Seat

The intuitive web experience for defining business rules gives business users the ability to collaborate and contribute to rule definition. You can now enable these users to manage and deploy the rules that run applications without IT involvement.

Extend your TIBCO Capabilities

Seamlessly expand and extend microservice-based applications. Handle complex business logic, track microservice sagas, correlate events across multiple sources, and complement TIBCO Cloud™ Integration and TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging solutions.


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