Panera Bread Delivers Fresh Customer Experiences with TIBCO EBX

Panera Bread Delivers Fresh Customer Experiences with TIBCO EBX™
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Panera Bread started as just a small 400-square-foot cookie store in Boston, Massachusetts. Now, it has over 2,300 bakery-cafes across the United States. While expanding, Panera’s top priority has always been maintaining an exceptional customer experience, or what it refers to as the “Panera warmth” that makes Panera feel like home. 

Whether it’s ensuring orders are fulfilled accurately to the drive-throughs running smoothly, from the moment a customer walks through the door Panera Bread goes above and beyond to create a satisfying experience. To do that on a large scale, it needed a way to handle the massive volumes of data from all its cafes—to create a central source of truth for everyone within the organization. 

Fueling operations with a reliable view of its data

TIBCO EBX software serves as that single system, bringing together all of Panera Bread’s data assets. Fueling its operations with a reliable view of all its data, the company has implemented flexible, agile data management to respond quickly to customer feedback. Furthermore, by integrating master data management technology into its processes, Panera Bread has successfully built new systems to manage e-commerce, kiosk ordering, inventory, and food costs, delivering an overall experience well ahead of its competition.

Beyond improving customer satisfaction, EBX has helped Panera save time and money. According to Noel Nitecki, Director of Enterprise Services at Panera Bread, “EBX™ software is helping Panera Bread increase revenue by allowing flexibility of our menu, so when the business comes up with a great menu idea, we can say, yes, instead of saying ‘no.’”

To learn more about how TIBCO EBX helps Panera Bread continue to grow through innovative data management, check out the full case study.