Real-time data fuels the modern enterprise

TIBCO Platform supports your mission-critical business

TIBCO delivers industrial-strength solutions that meet your performance, throughput, reliability, and scalability needs while offering a wide range of technology and deployment options to deliver real-time data where it’s needed most.

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TIBCO® Platform

Next generation composable data platform

The TIBCO Platform will bring together an evolving set of your TIBCO solutions wherever they are hosted—in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge—into a single, unified experience so that you can more easily manage and monitor them.

TIBCO Control Plane showing end-to-end observability across all TIBCO dataplanes

The power of TIBCO

Essential solutions for the enterprise

TIBCO helps build solutions that are essential to the success of the world’s largest enterprises.

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Industrial strength

TIBCO software delivers high performance, throughput, reliability, and scalability demanded by mission-critical operations


TIBCO software offers a wide range of technology and deployment options to help meet the needs of complex architectures and stringent business regulations

Real time

TIBCO software enables your business to capitalize on data in real time wherever it is created, making it readily available to business applications and analytics suites

Delivering mission-critical capabilities to customers around the world

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in savings with TIBCO's help

"We, as a bank, are extremely pleased with using TIBCO in this important part of our process automation journey, especially with new product suites that move us toward the cloud."

– Benjamin Blaauw, Head of Development Automation

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improved overall service quality

"We are using TIBCO to integrate and correlate all information to understand customer behaviors, manage operational situations, and prevent critical events."

– Floriana Chiarello, Head of Demand Management

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reduction in time to market

"The TIBCO benefit is really across all the platforms. It enables near real-time, concise, coherent data. It enables us to save a lot of development time because we have centralized business rules, and it just makes time to market a lot quicker. TIBCO really allows us to complete projects faster and more efficiently."

– Fred Ehlers, Vice President of Information Technology

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127 NPS
score increase

"TIBCO’s BPM APIs and BPM forms essentially come out of the box, and they’re highly customizable. The product just renders them in HTML. So a very simplistic technology, but very powerful from a user experience perspective and very efficient from a development team perspective."

– Simon Dewey, Digital Project Manager

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fewer cardiac arrests in the hospital

"In real time, we can alert our rapid response team to go to the bedside of a patient who is at a high risk of going into cardiac arrest. We have successfully reduced the number of cardiac arrests in the hospital by an estimated 15 to 20 percent. The system went live at 7:00 a.m., and by 10:00 a.m. that day, doctors had prevented the first cardiac arrest."

– Shariq Ata, Executive Director, Data Analytics, Architecture, Integration, and Innovation

The platform choice for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises

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