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Sydney Water makes a splash with TIBCO BPM Enterprise Software

Developer efficiencies and improved customer experience

Business challenge

Sydney Water was looking for opportunities to improve its customer experience with a seamless, efficient, and reliable technology solution. The experience was tracked by a net promoter score.


By implementing TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM software, Sydney Water streamlined complex business processes and a large volume of case data. This led to better customer service outcomes, with a 127 point increase in its net promoter score.


Improved customer experience

To deliver great experiences for its customers, Sydney Water is developing the skills and technologies to become a hyperconnected utility.

Central to this step is access to real-time information on how its water network is performing and providing an interface allowing customers to track the services they use.

Previously, customers had no visibility into their water usage. This had an impact on Sydney Water’s net promoter score. Sydney Water used TIBCO BusinessWorks integration software to create a single view of operations and TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM software as its case management solution. It created simple end-to-end processes, some with only three or five steps, which improved the customer experience. Customers can now access their water usage in real time on any channel they choose. The results speak for themselves; Sydney Water's net promoter score increased 127 points, from a -38 to +89.

Development efficiencies

"TIBCO's BPM APIs and BPM forms essentially come out of the box, and they're highly customizable. The product just renders them in HTML. So a very simplistic technology, but very powerful from a user experience perspective and very efficient from a development team perspective," said Simon Dewey, digital project manager.

Dewey's team could show forms and components to the business quickly, incorporate feedback, and reuse the components in other parts of the workflow. "It was literally copy and paste the code into another section of the process. It's very strong from that perspective," said Dewey. Sydney Water developed its new service offering and interface in just nine weeks.

NPS score increase

Winning a TIBCO Trailblazer Award is a very humbling experience. It reaffirmed what we already felt about how far we’ve come and the experience we delivered

Simon Dewe

Digital Project Manager

Sydney Water

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Sydney Water wanted to improve its customer experience with seamless, efficient, reliable technology. The result was +127 Net Promoter Score.