Reliable data distribution throughout your enterprise

TIBCO® Platform–Messaging

Real-time data is fundamental to the digital business that must operate at unprecedented speeds and agility, demanding a messaging system with high performance, throughput, and availability to ensure data is delivered efficiently and securely when and where it is needed.  With the TIBCO® Platform–Messaging capability, you can create the infrastructure that facilitates the real-time exchange of data between your systems, applications, and components.

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Comprehensive messaging capabilities

Messaging enables real-time data distribution between disparate endpoints wherever they are hosted, while also being a central component of event-driven and streaming data architectures. TIBCO provides both open source and commercial messaging technology to enable all of the use cases needed to connect complex, large-scale information landscapes including cloud integration, event processing, streaming analytics, business app connectivity, IoT, mobile, and web.

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Digital transformation saves lives in the new era of value-based care

University of Chicago Medicine undertook a digital transformation, leading to optimized processes, better patient care, and 15-20% fewer cardiac arrests overall.

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fewer cardiac arrests in the hospital

TIBCO® Platform–Messaging components

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

The industry-leading Jakarta-based messaging for store and forward messaging services.

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TIBCO® Messaging Quasar - Powered by Apache Pulsar

Multi-tenant, high-performance open source solution for server-to-server communication.

TIBCO® Messaging Castle - Powered by Apache Kafka®

Secure, reliable, open source, and real-time streaming data pipelines.


High performing, low-latency, enterprise and cloud-ready messaging.


TIBCO messaging for REST, web, and mobile-based devices.

TIBCO® Messaging - Eclipse Mosquito Distribution

Connect IoT devices using MQTT to any TIBCO Messaging components.