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TIBCO® Platform–Event Processing

Your enterprise is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of events that occur every moment. Hidden amongst them can be stalled business processes, opportunities for value creation, potential fraud, dissatisfied customers, failing equipment, and more. The TIBCO® Platform–Event Processing capability proactively identifies these opportunities and risks, responds intelligently in real-time to ensure your business keeps pace with fast-moving environments, and optimizes outcomes.

Time-series metrics data

An essential capability of event-driven architecture

Event processing takes action when something changes in an enterprise's environment and requires a response. It consumes, analyzes, and acts upon events generated from various sources, such as your IoT devices, user interfaces, databases, business applications, or any other system that produces data. The TIBCO® Platform–Event Processing capability uniquely simplifies the rollout of a complete event processing solution through integrated event modeling, distribution, governed decision-making, and analytics capabilities. 

Tailored dashboard

Redefining the customer-centric insurer

Sara Assicurazioni redefined the insurance experience for policyholders and agents–by migrating data to the cloud, improving processing speed by 50%, and reducing costs by 60%.

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TIBCO® Platform–Event Processing components

TIBCO BusinessEvents®

Tap into a wide range of contextual event-driven decision-making through technologies such as state machines, pattern matching, decision tables, and machine learning.