ABN AMRO builds a future-proof bank with hyper automation

Imagine a legendary financial institution, with over 400 years of history, nestled in the Netherlands. That’s ABN AMRO. This bank had a bold dream – to become a personal bank tailor-made for the digital age. They wanted to meet the ever-changing expectations of their customers and thrive in the cutthroat world of banking. Their vision? A seamless omnichannel banking experience that customers could access from any device, anywhere.

The legacy conundrum

Turning this dream into reality was no cakewalk. ABN AMRO aimed to make 90% of their end-to-end processes digital by 2025, but a tangled web of legacy infrastructure, grown over decades, stood in their way. As their business grew and evolved, mergers and acquisitions only complicated things further. Their systems were expensive to maintain and evolve, and not all of them played nice together. The result? High maintenance costs, inefficiencies, and siloed departments using diverse technologies and processes.

Fuelling hyper automation using TIBCO

ABN AMRO needed a game-changer. That's when they turned to TIBCO to power their Hyper Automation strategy for the digital age, with business process management at its heart. They leveraged TIBCO BPM Enterprise and TIBCO BusinessWorks software to move from on-premise to Microsoft Azure, opening doors to cloud advantages, including scalability and streamlined DevOps.

This shift empowered teams to work more autonomously within a unified environment, avoiding interference with other departments. ABN AMRO also centralized its management of hyper automation to eliminate shadow IT and duplicated efforts, enhancing efficiency and adhering to business standards.

Value derived: Transforming banking for generations

The results? ABN AMRO is now on a path to becoming a more efficient, customer-centric, and future-proof bank. Here's a glimpse of the value they've derived:

  • Mobile banking - anytime, anywhere
  • From weeks to days for credit card processing
  • €11.1M in cost avoidance from manual processes

Efficiency Gains: By digitizing manual processes, like payment processing, they've reduced processing times from days to mere seconds.

Transformed Customer Experience: Banking transactions are now swifter, customers receive credit cards in days instead of weeks, and the bank's services are available anytime, anywhere, through mobile devices.

Financial Crime Detection: Centralizing financial crime detection has enhanced compliance and governance while reducing manual efforts.

Enhanced Productivity: Standardization and centralization have given teams more clarity and focus, boosting productivity.

In partnership with TIBCO, ABN AMRO is not just adapting to the digital age; they're thriving in it. The future looks bright, as ABN AMRO continues to meet the demands of whatever the digital age throws their way.

in cost avoidance, e.g. hiring temporary staff to do manual work

TIBCO BPM Enterprise and BusinessWorks Container Edition not only is giving us the ability to move our complete stack towards the Microsoft Azure cloud, but also a chance to standardize even more in the way we offer TIBCO towards business IT teams.

Benjamin Blaauw

Head of Development Automation



ABN AMRO is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands, providing banking services, retail banking, private banking, and commercial banking.