Day 1 of TIBCO NEXT: Santa Clara, Done: Discover Today’s Insights and Tomorrow’s Agenda

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Day 1 of the TIBCO NEXT: Santa Clara, CA, conference has come to a close! TIBCO NEXT will resume tomorrow, continuing with a packed agenda of discussions on next-generation business use cases and mission-critical capabilities. At this 2-day, inaugural event, TIBCO collaborated with senior IT executives, key decision makers, and leading experts across North America on plans to tap into the next wave of digital innovation.

The day got off to an early start, with an open discussion with customers on how they are using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies within their business, and how TIBCO is integrating AI/ML into its capabilities. Then TIBCO GM, Ali Ahmed, kicked off the conference with a keynote session outlining “what’s next” for businesses––the dramatic changes they’re undergoing, how computing power is being deployed everywhere, and how data is pivotal to success. He then began the conversation about how TIBCO is preparing for the future today by introducing TIBCO’s vision for its next-generation digital platform––a vision that expands upon TIBCO’s cloud strategy and brings TIBCO capabilities to “your cloud,” wherever you need them.

(TIBCO General Manager Ali Ahmed in Santa Clara, California)

The Vision for the Next Generation TIBCO Platform

Continuing the keynote address, TIBCO VP of Product Management and Marketing, Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, outlined the TIBCO Platform vision, which brings together TIBCO capabilities that your business has been using for years under a single “pane of glass,” which will help you better manage existing solutions and accelerate the development of entirely new solutions.

Then in the first breakout session of the day, speakers Matt Ellis and Hugo Peter led a deep dive into the TIBCO platform vision. This vision brings together the powerful TIBCO capabilities you love––from integration and messaging to event processing and data management, within a single platform that allows you to deploy on-premises, to your cloud of choice, or across hybrid environments. It envisions a unified developer experience that empowers a broad array of digital contributors to create powerful, mission-critical solutions to help run the key elements of your business. This platform vision also includes intelligent services such as FinOps to help you optimize the value you get from TIBCO investments. Matt and Hugo later gave attendees a sneak preview of work under development for the TIBCO platform including a new control plane and developer experiences.

Accelerated Connectivity with TIBCO Integration and API Management

TIBCO connects your apps, data, and devices everywhere across your enterprise to scale your digital ecosystem seamlessly. In Nate Keefe’s breakout session, he offered a unique insight into how investments in modern integration approaches, such as API-led integration, generate higher and higher levels of business value, and how TIBCO supports a broad range of these approaches so that you can confidently scale your current investments. He then detailed recently announced capabilities in TIBCO BusinessWorks™ and TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise, such as the native Change Data Capture support that helps keep changing data sources in sync, for example––the data sets for your machine learning algorithms. Nate further outlined new capabilities in TIBCO API management that deliver a gateway to all of your enterprise assets wherever you need it.

First Class Data Integration Capabilities

Hitesh Nembhwani led off a discussion on data integration by showing customers the broad array of use cases that TIBCO supports including data virtualization, MDM, DV, ETL/ELT, data movement, data replication and synchronization, streaming data, cloud integration, and more that help address diverse data challenges, enable informed decision-making, and provide industrial-scale processing.

He then outlined an exciting roadmap that focused on powerful new data integration capabilities that will allow you to keep real-time data flowing throughout your business. In another breakout session, Hitesh spoke on TIBCO® Data Virtualization capabilities, which allow users to quickly and easily create the data sets they need to make intelligent business decisions across a wide variety of data sources––while supporting a modern data architecture that eliminates the risks, limitations, challenges, and cost of current data designs. He further showcased how unifying data across your enterprise makes it possible for everyone to access the right data whenever they need it.

Speaker Philippe Assuncao then focused his roadmap session on discussing how enterprises can better manage their critical master and reference data with TIBCO’s premier MDM solution, TIBCO EBX®. He outlined how the new socialization features in EBX, such as tagging and ratings of master and reference data, help shorten the time for users to find the trusted data they need.

Real-time Data Where Your Business Needs It

Vasil Kajcovski then led a session on the new and exciting capabilities in TIBCO® Messaging, a robust messaging solution that delivers real-time data through your choice of messaging technologies. He discussed how TIBCO EMS customers can now capitalize on TIBCO FTL’s low-latency backing stores. Paired with the feature-rich and trusted ecosystem of EMS, the need for shared storage now becomes a thing of the past and removes the dependence on 3rd party shared storage solutions. TIBCO can help you respond with speed and intelligence to constantly changing business conditions and also capitalize on data in real time, wherever it is—making it available to applications that drive business value based from real-time analytical insights. 

Speaker Hitesh Nembhwani then extended Vasil’s session with a discussion on event processing, which builds on TIBCO Messaging technology for event broker support. TIBCO offers a comprehensive event processing solution, allowing businesses to accelerate the development of event-driven architectures, which provides industrial-scale processing of critical business events. 

Driving Greater Business Value from Data

With all of these exciting innovations from TIBCO, do you know how they are creating value for your business? Speakers Colin Smith and Sheri Holt discussed just that. Detailing not only the impact that TIBCO capabilities have on your business challenges, but also how they facilitate your business in making more money, reducing costs, optimizing strategy, and mitigating risk. Smith and Holt painted a bigger picture of the TIBCO vision and how businesses can bottle the benefits and value from their software investments. 

Looking Forward to Tomorrow!

While day 1 of TIBCO NEXT: Santa Clara was filled with exciting announcements and insightful discussions and announcements, there’s still more to come! The conference concludes tomorrow, with customers and partners taking center stage to discuss their success and collaborate on how best to meet future technology needs. The fun isn’t over yet, so join us tomorrow to stay current on everything to come!

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