From Now to Next: TIBCO Powers the Future

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Almost 30 years ago, TIBCO introduced the “Power of Now.” A concept that helps companies respond to their rapidly changing environments by capturing and processing real-time data. Allowing faster reactions to events that impact their business, the “Power of Now” creates “Event-Driven Enterprises” that are more than just increased reaction times. Having access to real-time data provides a glimpse of what’s to come. It allows these companies to not only react faster but to take proactive measures to optimize costs, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities. 

How It’s Going

Since introducing this concept, TIBCO has helped thousands of companies increase their responsiveness and agility while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. In that time, the pace of change has continued to accelerate. How companies react affects not only their business but the lives of their customers. TIBCO is responding to this acceleration with continued innovation and investment in our real-time, event-driven platform. Companies around the globe and across industry verticals are creating compelling solutions with the TIBCO Platform.

Why It Matters

One of the most important factors to consider when evaluating platforms is Time to Market. That is, how quickly projects go from ideation to creation to production. The cost savings and advantage gained by getting to market faster is often undervalued. The TIBCO Platform excels here by providing extremely short development cycles. First Citizens Bank took advantage of this power when they realized the TIBCO Platform allowed them to turn around real-time services in 1 day. This fast and clean development effort gave them the confidence to accelerate an 18-month plan for credit card opening into an 18-week project resulting in 60-second or less approval times for credit applications across their lines of business.

When More Than Business Is On The Line

At times, the projects we are enabling have a more significant impact than the success or failure of a business initiative. There is no more significant impact than when dealing with human life, and the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) has made this a reality with its eCART solution. Using streaming analytics and a UCM proprietary algorithm, the TIBCO Platform can predict when cardiac arrest is likely to happen and dispatch a rapid response team to the patient’s bedside. Since introducing the system, UCM estimates a 15 to 20 percent drop in cardiac arrests. That is the ultimate Power of Now.

Who Needs the Limelight?

The ability to build compelling solutions directly in the platform is powerful, but for every one of these solutions, there are a dozen more built on top of it. This is precisely what Alaska Airlines has been doing for almost 2 decades. The TIBCO Platform provides a foundation of real-time, event-driven services and capabilities, allowing them to innovate aggressively and confidently. With nearly 250 applications across the airline, the TIBCO Platform supports Alaska Airlines’ passengers from ticket to touchdown and beyond, helping create “an airline people love.” But they are not done yet. Late last year, Alaska Airlines became the first U.S. airline to launch an electronic bag tag program adding to the list of innovations and applications supported by the TIBCO Platform. 

What’s NEXT?

Whether accelerating credit application processing, identifying and preventing cardiac arrest, or being the foundation of hundreds of services and systems, TIBCO customers are achieving incredible business outcomes and saving lives! Where is your business heading? What innovation will drive your success? Will your current platform be able to handle it? 

With TIBCO as a partner, you will be ready for whatever is NEXT!

As we gear up for the highly anticipated TIBCO NEXT event in Santa Clara, it’s important to remember how the choices made now have a direct impact on the future success of growing enterprises. At TIBCO NEXT, attendees will discuss their data decisions and journeys with TIBCO, as well as hear from several leaders regarding TIBCO Integration capabilities. Take a look at the TIBCO NEXT agenda and stay tuned for announcements and important discussions from the event surrounding the TIBCO platform’s focus for the future.