Why Vision Matters! TIBCO a Leader in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant

TIBCO Data Science Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant Machine Learning
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TIBCO Data Science was just named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. This is the second year in a row, placing us into a small group of software manufacturers who can make this claim. 

Among the leaders, TIBCO Data Science stood out particularly on the dimension labeled Completeness of Vision in this MQ. I am the Product Manager for our Data Science and Streaming platforms and solutions, and am of course really excited and honored; but — truth be known — the real heroes are our customers. It is their vision that drives our technologies and success. 

The Fun Part – providing solutions for our customers

Our role at TIBCO is really the fun part: Providing the solutions for the hard problems that make businesses successful; providing customers the tools to execute on their vision; and driving value for our customer’s customers. To make it all happen is not always simple. And it’s rarely possible with just a single data science authoring-and-deployment platform — it takes a much broader vision.

Executing on the broader vision

Many things have changed in the last few years with respect to data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). There are many surrounding technologies and strategies that you need to enable in order to be successful with data science. For instance:

  • All your data must be in one place: Cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud architectures are all common infrastructures today and data and compute can live in many different places. In order to be successful at data science, you must organize, integrate, cross-reference, and align your data. 
  • You need real-time analytics on your big data: Big data is getting bigger, faster, and more complex. At the same time, the need to get to insights quickly — quicker than competitors — is the huge value driver. Working with our customers, TIBCO understood a long time ago that “really-big-data” doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Rather it very often is actually continuously streaming data that “lands” somewhere. Nowhere is that more apparent than in automated manufacturing, where massive amounts of data must be analyzed and visualized in real-time, to derive rapid insights about process stability, quality, root-causes of failures, machine drift, shift, etc. 
  • Data science expertise is commonly found in all professions. I think it is fair to say that you cannot get a degree in fields related to management, health care, engineering, marketing, social sciences, or other professions without learning about data science, Python, and perhaps R. Effective and high-ROI data science platforms must support and augment these professions and their preferred tools and languages. 
    • How TIBCO helps: TIBCO Data Science and TIBCO Spotfire for AI-driven BI embrace the most popular open source languages used by Data Scientists, namely R and Python (also Scala); TIBCO solutions for streaming data support Java, Kafka; open source TIBCO Flogo provides a rich and fully supported environment for creating high-performance IoT, ultra-lightweight cloud-native, or serverless data integration and analytics projects.
  • You must put data science insights into action: Even if the software your business adopted provides the deepest and most complete insights — your business still won’t make progress nor money if you do not use those insights in your business! The actual value of data science and machine learning platforms is not to analyze data or build complex Deep Learning models. The value of data science is to put those insights into actions. This means, to accelerate or automate decisions, you must infuse AI and ML into all business processes, and effectively involve everyone in the organization.
    • How TIBCO helps: TIBCO is very good at that: We provide comprehensive tooling to create AI/ML model-infused analytic (cloud) apps and services, and we have the right tools to secure and manage those apps and services so your company can use the insights from your models and put them into action in your business. We have deep experience with running automation driven by AI/ML on the smallest IoT devices — and we have the customers to prove it. We can deliver real-time insights and monitoring to all stakeholders across the organization; and, we can deliver those insights via beautiful visual “Apps”, and provide governance over all these activities. 
  • You must be able to explain your models and demonstrate that they are fair: For compliance reasons, your AI/ML models need to be explainable. You need to be able to walk regulators through all of the steps you have taken to build your model, and how the use of the models may adversely affect customers. 
    • How TIBCO helps: We provide the right tools to enable “explainability” and compliance to ensure that models are fair. Through years of experience and with the help of many customers, we understand what it takes to control the risks (e.g., consumer risk) associated with AI/ML and to stay ahead of those risks.

Thank you to our customers

I want to thank all of our customers around the world who come to us for help in solving their most difficult problems. The different behind-the-scenes teams at TIBCO are successful thanks to your partnership, including:

  • Our dedicated Data Science Team that works with all business units and customers to drive innovation, while pushing the envelope for the the vision around AI/ML
  • Our Engineering teams who through close collaboration internally, and informed by customer engagements and Product Advisory Groups, have effectively combined many technologies making TIBCO the leader in Data Access, Integration, Master Data Management, Cloud-Apps, Data Science, and so many other areas critical for customers’ success
  • Our Partners who bring to us decades of deep domain experience, alerting us to trends and transformations they see in their respective industries, and pushing us to be responsive, agile, innovative, and stay focused to remain ahead of the curve
  • And of course your humble Product Management team, who has the privilege to work with the best customers, partners, teams, and data scientists around the world.