Why the Most Successful Businesses are the Ones that Go Cloud-native

Cloud Native with TIBCO
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Assuming you are on a device (you are currently reading this blog) you’ve more than likely heard the phrase ‘cloud-native’ by now. At TIBCO, we are all about going cloud-native. We believe the future of technology is in the cloud, as that is where top innovation and superior customer experiences are being and will continue to be built. 

At the same time, some might have a hard time conceptualizing such an intangible idea. Whether this challenge applies to you or you’re still just on the fence about beginning the transition to the cloud for your digital business, we hope these success stories of customer-focused industry leaders will prove just how important moving to the cloud can be. 

Increase Your Net Promoter Score like Air France-KLM 

Airline group Air France-KLM had a major goal in mind when it sought out a new integration platform: be the customer favorite in all of Europe. To do so, the group, which includes KLM, Air France, and low-cost carrier Transavia, implemented a cloud-native API-led strategy. 

This new customer-centric approach connected the group’s ecosystem of data and applications to provide all of its users a seamless experience, while also affording themselves the ability to change and adapt as technology evolves. In using APIs to integrate its systems, Air France-KLM can make one change and it updates all of the connected channels. This means that call centers, kiosks, mobile apps, travel agencies, and partner websites are aligned in real time. The new strategy has increased the group’s Net Promoter Score by 20%—a good start for a company hoping to be the customer favorite. Read more about how TIBCO helped Air France-KLM go cloud-native. 

Disrupt the Industry like Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment knows how to provide a great customer experience. Founded in 1937, the group has gone through its share of acquisitions, name changes, and business reinventions, with one of its most recent being the most innovative yet. That’s right; Caesars Entertainment went cloud-native. Perhaps the most recognizable of its establishments, Caesars Palace, was even the first casino in Las Vegas to adopt a cloud-native approach. 

With a cloud-native API-led integration strategy, Caesars Entertainment has created advanced engagement models to give each customer a personalized experience. From checking in, to restaurant and show deals, to suggestions for making the most of their time on the casino floor, customers are made to feel right at home during their stay. This is possible because they have 360-degree access to customer data at all Caesars properties. With all systems sharing data, a unified customer profile is created, offering unmatched personalization and recommendations. Read more about how Caesars Entertainment is using an API-led approach to delight customers. 

React to change with agility like Telkomsel

In today’s fast-paced society, telecom companies experience some of the most demanding competition of any industry. Indonesian-based Telkomsel knew it had to distinguish itself in order to meet the demands of its customers’ digital lifestyles. 

The company implemented a cloud-based platform to better serve its more than 165 million customers. While Telkomsel was founded with two main channels for customer interaction—call centers and physical branches—today’s users demand more digital options, such as mobile apps, social media, and even third-party channels. This required an architecture that would accommodate said channels, fully equipped with dynamic scalability and agility as those demands evolve. Today, Telkomsel provides an omnichannel experience to all of its customers via its integrated cloud-native approach. It now has the flexibility to make changes and updates on a daily basis, knowing that none of its customers will be left behind. Learn more about how Telkomsel’s talk, text, and data users benefit from a cloud-native core. 

While the idea of going cloud-native may still seem a bit foreign to some, the results these digital businesses from around the world have experienced make the concept a lot more tangible. To read about more of the top reasons to go cloud native, as well as other companies that have already benefited from making the transition, check out our whitepaper, “5 Reasons Every Digital Business Is Going Cloud Native (and Yours Should to)”