TIBCO Named a Leader in Streaming Analytics by Forrester

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We’re excited to announce that Forrester has named TIBCO a Leader in The “Forrester Wave: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2019!”

According to the report, “TIBCO Software augments human intelligence with real-time intelligence. TIBCO aims to augment human intelligence by interconnecting everything. It achieves this by combining TIBCO® Streaming for real-time streaming analytics with TIBCO Spotfire® for visual analytics with the Spotfire® Data Streams add-on.”

Caption: TIBCO’s Forrester® Wave Leader badge for Streaming Analytics

TIBCO’s Take:

We live in a real-time world. Today’s organizations are looking to augment traditional analytics by bringing in live data, accessing data faster, meeting new expectations for insights derived from that data, and cutting costs by implementing solutions that streamline processes. 

To do all this, industry leaders are adding streaming analytics to their operations. Streaming analytics is real-time analytic computations on data streaming from applications, social media, sensors, devices, websites, and any other data-collecting sources. With the ability to analyze and process data in real time, organizations are able to make decisions based on fresh data and eliminate decision latency—organizations can take advantage of their insights instead of letting them go to waste. 

TIBCO solutions are well positioned to enable digital businesses today. Specifically, TIBCO helps companies gain a competitive edge with the following:

  • Analyze and Process Data in Real Time 

Streaming analytics allows organizations to leverage data from the Internet of Things (IoT). This capability will let you accelerate the detection of relevant and urgent business moments, react in real time to complex event streams, and adjust to the patterns you identify and the changing needs of your business. 

  • Make Decisions Based on Fresh Data

Armed with user queries that automatically update with new results and focused operational intelligence, business users are put in charge with TIBCO streaming analytics solutions. At the end of the day, it’s the business stakeholders who are responsible for configuring and managing automated decisions to respond to real-time events. 

  • Eliminate Decision Latency 

With TIBCO® Streaming and TIBCO Spotfire®, business users can quickly build applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data. Faster analysis means faster insights. Plus instant awareness and quick decision-making. These benefits help you provide superior customer experiences, operational excellence, and streamlined business processes. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s another convincing excerpt from the Forrester Wave: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2019 report: 

“TIBCO has strengths in connectors, data enrichment, development, deployment, and integration. TIBCO® Streaming can handle complex real-time applications such as energy field operations. It’s integration with TIBCO Spotfire® visual analytics also make it an ideal core technology to power real-time command centers of any flavor as well as busy analysts at their desks.” 

Download the full report to see why TIBCO was named a Leader in streaming analytics! 

Ready to start using real-time intelligence to digitally transform your business? Learn more about TIBCO® Streaming here and Spotfire® Data Streams here.