Why Organizations Love Data like Pizza

TIBCO Why Organizations Love Data like Pizza
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Nearly everyone loves pizza. Norwegians lead the world with over 11 pies per person per year. The United States follows closely with one in eight Americans eating pizza each day. Domino’s Pizza Inc., the global market share leader, is growing at over 15% annually. So, it’s probably a safe bet that you love pizza, too.

Take a moment to imagine a fresh hot pizza, delivered whenever and wherever you want, made from only the finest ingredients, and custom configured for whatever toppings you’re craving at the time. Sounds like a good offer, right?

And if your order isn’t exactly right, it’s not delivered piping hot, the delivery takes longer than you expected, or it just doesn’t completely satisfy your craving, you always seem to find a way to make it work. That pizza always gets eaten one way or another. 

Organizations Love Data, Too

The same is true with data. For organizations, this is especially so, because data-driven insights are critical to their customer engagement, product innovation, and process optimization success. 

Like your pizza preferences, organizations prefer getting their data: 

  • Easily accessed via a user-friendly application
  • Selected from a wide array of the finest data ingredients
  • Flexibly combined to satisfy their data-driven insight cravings
  • Delivered piping hot whenever they want, wherever they want

Yet, even though this kind of delicious ‘data pizza’ is readily available today, many organizations continue to settle for mediocre data served from their data warehouses and lakes, that don’t fully satisfy what’s needed.

TIBCO Data Infrastructure that Delivers  

Spending years understanding organizations’ data needs and perfecting our recipes and craft, TIBCO provides organizations with multiple data infrastructure solutions they can use to satisfy their data cravings. Here are two of them highlighted for you:

  • TIBCO® Data Virtualization: Using the same principles as a user-friendly mobile app for ordering pizza, TIBCO Data Virtualization gives organizations one virtual place to go for data. Never having to know what goes on in the data kitchens, users can readily combine a long list of data ingredients however they want to rapidly fulfill their analytics, data science, and operational use cases. 
  • TIBCO EBX™: Great pizza comes from great ingredients. Ensuring the finest quality data equivalents to the perfect crust, gooey cheese, and a myriad of excellent toppings, TIBCO EBX lets organizations share, manage, and govern their most important master data, reference data, and metadata. And when used with TIBCO Data Virtualization, organizations get great tasting 360-degree views of customer, product, location, and more pies. 

Let’s Get Cooking

With TIBCO’s Unify data infrastructure products, you can get the data equivalent of delicious pizza, guaranteed. Optimize your data value chain like a well-run kitchen and share out all your data with greater consistency and control. Learn more about TIBCO can help you unify your data and prepare your business with the trusted data everyone loves like good pizza.