Why You Should Choose TIBCO for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Why You Should Choose TIBCO for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration
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Every successful digital business depends on timely access to data. But to have access to that data, you need to connect your applications and data sources in the cloud and on-premises to enable new business models, agility, and scalability. That said, integration is the means for connecting your applications.

There are a number of benefits of turning to integration to connect your applications and access your data, including increased efficiency, streamlined operations, and reduced costs. What’s more, integration can help your organization solve a number of business challenges such as duplicate data entry that is prone to errors and teams not having immediate access to the information they need. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your business grow and be more efficient, but you have to make sure that it integrates with the rest of your business applications. At TIBCO, we have experience helping customers make Dynamics 365 accessible to the rest of the business to get more benefits from the data it holds and bring together your data from everywhere. 

Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose TIBCO Cloud™ Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration:

Powerful Dynamics 365 Connectors

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration includes pre-built connectors for each Dynamics 365 module, including Sales, Customer Service, Business Central, Operations, Field Service, and Project Service Automation, allowing you to connect to Dynamics 365 in minutes. It also has a connector for the Common Data Service (CDS), which stores customer data from Dynamics 365 Sales, Service and Talent.


Synchronize data between Dynamics 365 and external applications and databases, or even between different Dynamics 365 modules. TIBCO Cloud Integration offers dozens of Excel-like functions to transform your data as it goes from one system to another.


Migrate data from older systems or alternative products into Dynamics 365 or in the other direction.


Copy your Dynamics 365 data to a database for reporting and analysis. TIBCO Cloud Integration automatically detects changes in your data and maintains the database schema.

TIBCO is a trusted leader in Microsoft Dynamics integration, bringing 20 years of enterprise integration expertise. TIBCO Cloud™ Integration connects with hundreds of other business applications, databases, and protocols so you can get data flowing between them quickly and easily. And TIBCO support for multi-factor authentication on the CDS and Dynamics 365 connectors gives users even better security. 

You can get started with Microsoft Dynamics integration in a number of ways. The first is registering for our webinar, which further explains how you can integrate Microsoft Dynamics with TIBCO Cloud™ Integration. The second is signing up for a free TIBCO Cloud™ integration trial subscription

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!