Solving the Toughest Problems with the TIBCO Analytics Portfolio

Arnaud Varin, Senior Product Manager for TIBCO Spotfire®, gives exclusive product roadmap at 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum
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The TIBCO analytics and data management portfolio solves the tough analytics problems and deployment challenges when other tools run out of gas. 

Nowhere was this more evident than at the 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) where TIBCO CAO Michael O’Connell led a team of data and analytics experts to demonstrate a complete workflow for the energy sector’s well completions and production, combining TIBCO technologies for analytics, data science, and data management.

The team walked us through:

During the demonstration, Spotfire® Data Streams technology showed the data from oil wells live inside Spotfire®, including brush-linking well attributes with the event stream data from the equipment. 

In case you missed the session or need a quick recap, read on to learn how the TIBCO analytics portfolio can help you solve your toughest business problems. 

Interactive AI: Powerful, Easy-to-Use Visual and Geoanalytics  

Starting off the session, TIBCO data scientists Neil Kanungo and Peter Shaw blew the audience away by demonstrating the new AI-powered analytics capabilities of Spotfire® 10.6 and the latest Spotfire® GeoAnalytics updates.

The latest Interactive AI and GeoAnalytics updates to TIBCO Spotfire®

The new interactive artificial intelligence (AI) functionality builds on Spotfire® Recommendations, adding automatic insights based on users’ interactions with the data. Kanungo analyzed Texas oil well data in seconds, using Spotfire® to spot relationships across disparate datasets. Shaw’s Computational GeoAnalytics combined methods such as Voronoi Tessellations and Points-in-Polygon calculations to harmonize geological and geophysical (G&G) data, completions, and production data. 

These new analytics capabilities, in a simple AI-suggestions environment, clearly expands upon Spotfire®’s leadership in visual and geoanalytics beyond all other business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools in the market. 

Augment Intelligence with Data Management and Data Virtualization

Good data analysis starts with good data. That means reliable, accurate data management. Next, Data Scientist Danny Stout showed how TIBCO EBX software, named a Leader by Gartner in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for master data management, can help ensure your data analysis is never “garbage in, garbage out.”

Stout utilized EBX to examine well data from many different perspectives, drawing together reference data and metadata around the unique well identifiers to gain a multi-hierarchy view on the well’s performance. Then with TIBCO Data Virtualization, he unified and federated the data across different data sources and published virtualized views that multiple functions across the organization can utilize. 

Putting the Data to Work with TIBCO Data Science

Speaking of utilizing the data. Stout proved the value of robust and accurate data by putting it to work with TIBCO Data Science.

The combination of Spotfire® and TIBCO Data Science is especially compelling for broad consumption of predictive analytics. Stout showed us how you can publish well production predictions directly into Spotfire®. The broad community of Spotfire® users can then visualize and embed the data science results in their business applications and more easily convey insights and actions to non-technical users. Business citizens can also be setup to make changes to predictive models for their specific purposes. With this approach, stakeholders in G&G, completions and production, and in functions such as supply chain, finance, engineering, and operations, can benefit from the latest data science components in their business applications. 

Moving to Production with Streaming Analytics

With the visual analytics, data management, and data science models in place, Neil Kanungo returned to the stage to deploy this knowledge in Spotfire® Data Streams, using streaming analytics to enable real-time equipment surveillance. With TIBCO Streaming, he quickly monitored trends and reacted to alerts based on setting thresholds on the data for parameter updates including sensor data streams for intake pressure and motor current. 

Comparing historical and streaming data around oil well production using TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO is the first and only platform to enable both dataops and modelops on streaming data in combination with historical data. Kanungo used this capability to combine well attributes with real-time sensor data. In broader context, you can use these capabilities to detect fraud, engage customers, do predictive and condition-based maintenance, and manage machine learning analytics at the edge. 

The Road Ahead: Coming Soon for Spotfire

Spotfire® is redefining the future of AI and BI with interactive AI functionality and visual analytics that can be deployed at scale. Arnaud Varin, Sr. Product Manager Analytics, finished off the second general session at TAF 2019 with a sneak peek into what’s ahead for the innovative product. 

Varin covered upcoming innovations in AI and BI, data access and preparation, data visualization, data streams, automated insights, advanced analytics, geoanalytics, embedded analytics, reporting and storytelling, and Cloud. Spotfire® already has extensive capabilities in these areas. 

Michael O’Connell closed the “Data on Fire” session with an open Q&A discussion. So much territory was covered in this most exciting hour of demos and product presentations. The audience was pumped and engaged by the accelerated TIBCO innovations in AI, BI, and streaming. The questions were top to bottom of the stack—from the most minute GeoAnalytics functionality to cloud deployments and advanced analytics services. This made for a great end to an awesome day at the TIBCO Analytics Forum. 

Let’s Get Better Together

Now that we’ve walked through the value you can unlock with the TIBCO platform, use your own custom combination to get ahead of your competition. Start solving your biggest business challenges with TIBCO Spotfire® 10.6. Get your 30-day free trial to spot and seize opportunities, differentiate your business, and drive innovation forward.