Turning Big Data into Actionable Analytics at TIBCO NOW London

TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer Michael O'Connell Speaks at TIBCO NOW London
TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer Michael O'Connell Speaks at TIBCO NOW London
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If you’re a Chief Data Officer or other data leader, you need to know about a big data use case session that happened at TIBCO NOW London. Given the exponential growth of data today, it’s important for any data leader to understand how to analyze their organization’s data and take action in real time. Whether that data comes from data lakes, streams, on-premises, or in the cloud, you need to manage it and turn it into actionable analytics anywhere and at any time. 

That requires seamless, automated data workflows. But making these workflows seamless used to be a costly challenge, requiring many person-hours and custom solutions—until the launch of TIBCO ComputeDB

Now there’s a better way. 

As my colleague, Greg Goldsmith, shared at TIBCO NOW London, TIBCO Spotfire® and ComputeDB can work together to solve this problem in a much simpler way. Essentially, that means using a streaming analytics solution as a visualization front end, Spotfire®, in combination with an in-memory, optimized analytics database, ComputeDB. With this, we’ve now made it possible to take real-time action on big data analytics.

Speed up time to insight

By pairing ComputeDB (a memory optimized analytics database that is fully compatible with Apache Spark APIs) with Spotfire® (an AI-infused, machine learning-enabled visual analytics as front end), you can automate and scale actionable insights regardless of your data volume, velocity, or variety. 

What does this mean for business value?

  • It means radically speeding up time to insight: From months to days to “right now!”
  • It means significant savings: For example, one customer consolidated real-time P&L and financial reporting across all operating companies for approximately $60M in savings
  • It means driving innovation everywhere: That same customer enabled CEO level visibility into customer business volumes across all entities 

TIBCO ComputeDB + Spotfire® is something to see

If you were in the room for Greg’s demo, you got to see first-hand how powerful the combination of ComputeDB with Spotfire® is for realizing the value of Big Data streams. In case you missed Greg’s demo, here’s a high-level demo of how ComputeDB can help.

Learn more about analytics at the speed of thought

The combination of Spotfire® and ComputeDB is just one instance of how TIBCO’s approach to “better together” technology combinations drives better agility. If you’re interested in learning more about how Spotfire® and ComputeDB would work to address your specific use cases, please contact us today.