Accelerate Innovation with Data Science

Collaborate, operationalize, and scale machine learning across your organization

Data science is a team sport. Data scientists, citizen data scientists, business users, and developers need flexible and extensible tools that promote collaboration, automation, and reuse of analytic workflows. But algorithms are only one piece of the advanced analytic puzzle. To deliver predictive insights, companies need to increase focus on the deployment, management, and monitoring of analytic models. Smart businesses rely on platforms that support the end-to-end analytics lifecycle while providing enterprise security and governance. TIBCO® Data Science helps organizations innovate and solve complex problems faster to ensure predictive findings quickly turn into optimal outcomes.

Announced at TIBCO Now (September 2018), TIBCO® Data Science is a unified platform that combines the capabilities of TIBCO® Statistica, Spotfire Data Science (formerly Alpine Data), Spotfire Statistics Services, and TERR. TIBCO® Data Science allows organizations to expand data science deployments across the organization by providing flexible authoring and deployment capabilities.

  • TIBCO is a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms 2019


Empower Everyone to Collaborate

Leverage the creativity of the entire cross-functional team, including citizen data scientists, data engineers, business experts, and developers — not just a few data scientists. Use an intuitive web-browser interface or comprehensive desktop client that make it easy to share, comment, and markup while maintaining transparency, security, version control, and auditability. TIBCO Data Science is the best solution for bringing machine learning, data, processes, and people together to create operational solutions for the business.

Reuse Data Science and Extend Your Power

Extend the power of data science by creating reusable machine learning templates that can be easily shared, deployed, monitored, and controlled in production help business users, data engineers, developers, citizen data scientists, and data scientists collaborate and understand complex business issues and analytic approaches. Stop reinventing the wheel. Standardize and develop best practices while providing the flexibility and extensibility required for innovation.

Reuse Data Science and Extend Your Power

Simplify Big Data Analytics

Algorithms, big data, edge processing, and serverless technologies can be complex and overwhelming. TIBCO Data Science simplifies the end-to-end analytics lifecycle within hybrid and big data ecosystems like Spark and Hadoop. Automate data prep and predictive analytic workflows to run and scale directly within a cluster. Automating the analytics process, scheduling jobs, monitoring, and accelerating big data analytic projects amplifies the benefits of data science and increases efficiency and productivity across the entire organization.

Simplify Big Data Analytics

Operationalize Data Science

Many organizations struggle to deploy analytics into production environments. As data drifts and models decay, being able to retrain, refresh, and automatically deploy new analytic models at the edge or directly within business systems lets you understand and act on trustworthy results.

Operationalize Data Science

Make Innovating Easy

Create innovative models with the latest deep learning, predictive, prescriptive, AI, and analytical techniques—and drive a culture of analytics for all. Rapidly prototype new techniques with Python, R, Scala, and built-in analytics that provide flexibility and fast exploration of models. Uncover new business opportunities, revenue streams, and asset monetization for a sustained competitive advantage.

Move from Data to Insights Fast

We offer a full suite of capabilities so you can achieve current and future business goals. Integrate with other TIBCO products to create business solutions: Start analyzing in Spotfire Data Science, and export to Spotfire for visualization. Use TIBCO StreamBase® for streaming analytics, TIBCO Flogo® for edge analytics, and TIBCO Cloud™ LiveApps to provide self-service creation of business apps.

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