Actionable streaming analytics

Enterprise-grade, cloud-ready streaming analytics

Analyze, continuously query, and act on IoT and other streaming data at lightning fast speeds. Take real-time operations and analytics to the next level with intelligent applications that deploy quickly for taking action based on new decisions and models, all without extra overhead.

TIBCO® Streaming software is enterprise-grade, cloud-ready streaming analytics for quickly building real-time applications at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.


Act on insights when they matter

Becoming insight-driven isn't just about discovering insights, it's about taking action at precise moments for greatest impact. With real-time decisions and actions, you can acquire, increase, and retain customers—and improve operational efficiencies. TIBCO Streaming makes it possible with automated decision-making and predictive models for taking meaningful action on your data at the point of discovery.

Build real-time applications affordably

Before TIBCO Streaming, analyzing real-time data feeds with high throughput was difficult and expensive. Now, with shorter development cycles, dramatically lower programming costs, built-in continuous integration and deployment capabilities, reduced hardware and operational expenses, and faster time-to-value, real-time digital business benefits are financially within reach.

Build real-time applications affordably

Know when changes occur

Interact with live data through self-service queries, charts, and alerts, and respond in real time to detected risks and opportunities. Visualize continuous updates pushed to you immediately and act on the data that matters.

Know when changes occur

Give business users control

TIBCO Streaming provides live, interactive control centers where business users can compose and save ad-hoc queries, control and set business logic, define rules and models, configure charts, change the panel layout, create and manage alerts, and aggregate views against live data, helping them take control to fully and quickly explore the data.

Master IoT data

Fully leverage the IoT with real-time decisions. TIBCO Streaming provides the technology to accelerate detection of relevant and urgent business events, react in real time to complex event streams, and adjust to the trends you identify.

Master IoT data
What's New

TIBCO Streaming 10 software is a major upgrade to the way streaming applications run, moving from a single execution engine model to integrated support for cluster operations. This powerful enterprise platform includes features such as:

  • Full cloud enablement with support for Docker
  • Built-in support for continuous availability
  • Fault tolerance and disaster recovery
  • Automatic transactions

Additionally, support for TIBCO Spotfire® X analytics makes it easy to connect and visually analyze data in motion with native support for real-time streaming data. TIBCO Streaming and Spotfire® Data Streams software push continuous updates into the Spotfire solution for real-time analysis. The result is live dashboards of streaming data that allow business users and frontline staff to analyze and act on data insights while they are still relevant.