It’s No Competition: Independent Evaluation Shows TIBCO Cloud Integration to Be the Most Cost-Effective Solution

TIBCO Cloud Integration
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Over the last year, digital business initiatives have accelerated as companies have had to quickly pivot their operations and even entire strategies to maintain business continuity. The retail industry, for example, was faced with a huge challenge as many physical storefronts were temporarily closed and continued to see lower foot traffic once re-opened. This meant that retailers, as well as other types of businesses, had to adapt rapidly and engage customers in new ways through digital technologies and channels. 

Respond to New Challenges by Quickly Transforming Business Processes

One opportunity for businesses to enhance their customer experience is by instituting a loyalty program that targets repeat and high-value customers with personalized offers like free-shipping waivers. However, enabling this offer is no easy feat, as it requires changes to existing order-fulfillment processes. 

First, they’ll need to create qualification criteria to identify qualified customers eligible for this offer. Then, they must make a decision point in the existing fulfillment process to waive shipping costs for those customers. If approval is required to receive free shipping, they will want to automatically check if customers are approved based on set criteria to eliminate time wasted on manual approval processes. 

After implementing this program, additional enhancements may be needed based on the results of the free shipping waiver. Perhaps they’ll want to expand the program to include a larger set of customers. Or maybe they’ll want to add in-store discounts or special offers on customer birthdays. Any changes will require further modifications to their fulfillment process. To implement these or any other changes to address evolving customer preferences, businesses need the ability to quickly create and adapt business processes so that they can be streamlined and automated.

Accelerate Transformations Sooner  

You can ensure successful implementations of customer engagement transformations and others like it with the TIBCO Cloud Integration Fast Track Workshop. The workshop offers a guided experience in which TIBCO experts will show you how to implement a free shipping program with the TIBCO Cloud Integration integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). It empowers anyone in your business to connect any app, data source, or device using any style. It also goes beyond traditional iPaaS features to enable users on the front lines of your business to build apps that support new and change processes in just a few days or even hours. 

Save Money as you Transform

Not only will the workshop show you how to implement  this specific use case, it will also let you see how TIBCO Cloud Integration helps you implement it more cost-effectively than other competitive solutions. 

TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS is up to 38 percent more cost-effective when implementing new integrations and up to 50 percent more cost-effective to deploy changes than the competition. Click To Tweet

In the latest edition of his PushToTest Integration Knowledge Kit, independent performance expert and 30-year Silicon Valley veteran Frank Cohen and his development team implemented this use case with the TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS, as well as with integration solutions from Mulesoft, SAP, and Microsoft Azure. The team documented the steps they took and issues they encountered across the entire development process and calculated the total costs of implementing the solution with each vendor.

As you can see in the below image, the TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS is up to 38 percent more cost-effective when implementing new integrations and up to 50 percent more cost-effective to deploy changes than the competition.

Watch Cohen explain his findings in this webinar. Or see for yourself by downloading the open-source Developer Knowledge Kit and following along with its step-by-step documentation detailing each vendor’s development process. Then, sign-up for the TIBCO Cloud Integration Fast Track Workshop and let TIBCO guide you to faster, more cost-effective connectivity.