Independent Expert Compares MuleSoft, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Spring Boot, TIBCO

Results show that TIBCO Cloud Integration is the most cost-effective solution

PTT Webinar Sept 2021

Would you be surprised to learn that the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration iPaaS is 48 percent more efficient than Spring Boot and 38 percent more efficient than MuleSoft Anypoint Platform? It's also more efficient than both Microsoft Azure Integration and the SAP Cloud Integration Platform Integration Suite.

PTT Results Chart

In this webinar, software development expert Frank Cohen, founder of Clever Moe and, will explain his findings and introduce the PushToTest Integration Knowledge Kit, a free, open-source competitive evaluation guide comparing different integration platforms. Learn how, taking a common integration use case as an example, the TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS proved more cost-effective for implementing and deploying changes.

And download the free Integration Knowledge Kit now to make your own evaluations!