Top 5 Most Popular Blogs of 2020

TIBCO Top Blogs of 2020
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While 2020 has been anything but normal, TIBCO has been here all year long to provide you with over 200 blog posts on a wide range of topics. We’ve covered everything from key strategies for shifting your business mindset towards digital commerce as businesses pivoted away from brick-and-mortar retail in the wake of COVID-19, to celebrating the women who’ve impacted the world of technology, to the benefits of answering the “call of Kafka” by tapping into visualizations of its real-time data streams to spot trends.

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to look back and share the posts that resonated the most with you, our readers. These are the top five most popular blog posts of 2020.

COVID-19: A Visual Data Science Analysis and Review and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Insights from the TIBCO Data Science Team

Our first spot was essentially a tie between two blogs on the same topic, so you’re actually getting a top six. In March, as uncertainty surrounding the pandemic swept the globe, the TIBCO Data Science Team provided contextual analysis that summarized the models, simulations, and analytics at work around the available COVID-19 data. In a comprehensive review, Michael O’Connell, TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer, broke down the rate of infection, explained how to flatten the curve, and provided visualizations of the data for download in TIBCO Spotfire®. You can check out our Spotfire COVID-19 app for real-time data updates.

Analytics Help Students Stand Out at the University of Houston

Early this year, TIBCO partnered with the University of Houston as part of an initiative to equip students with hands-on experience in data analytics. With some help from TIBCO Spotfire®, students at UH were able to confidently explore and manipulate data as part of their coursework. UH sits at the energy capital of the country, and with Spotfire analytics, students can apply in-depth data analytics to real-world trends affecting the energy industry.

API Success: The Journey to Digital Transformation

A business’s ability to undergo a digital transformation became more essential than ever this year. One of the key features of a successful digital transformation? A successful API program to integrate the different systems, technology, and vendors that might be involved in the digital aspects of your business. In this blog, we break down the power of Application Programming Interfaces, and how planning a good API program is a lot like planning a new business.

Data Virtualization Needs to be Part of your Data Integration Toolbox

Any skilled craftsman, whether they work in wood, steel, or data, needs a proper toolbox. In this blog, data engineers can learn the importance of making sure their team’s toolbox is well-equipped for solving data-integration issues with tools like messaging, replication, and synchronization, to name a few, but perhaps most importantly, data virtualization. These tools all work in concert with each other, but data virtualization in particular can augment existing tools you already have. Check out these virtualization resources we’ve compiled to learn more

TIBCO NOW 2020: A New Era of Sustainable Innovation

This September, we had to rethink our annual conference while still providing the same dynamic, world-class experience in the midst of COVID-19. With the focus of this year’s TIBCO NOW being sustainable innovation, we announced the TIBCO Connected Experience, a fully-digital TIBCO NOW customized to the attendee to be watched at their own pace—and in their own time zone! We also introduced the TIBCO Education Program, where attendees were able to participate in educational offerings to boost their TIBCO knowledge and expertise. Check back in the new year for more on TIBCO NOW 2021!

 In a comprehensive review, Michael O'Connell, TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer, breaks down the rate of infection, explains how to flatten the curve, and provides visualizations of the data for download in TIBCO Spotfire. Click To Tweet

2020 has been full of changes, but as we head into 2021, one thing that won’t change is that we’ll continue to have all kinds of tech news, trends, tips, and insights to help you solve difficult business challenges, increase your agility, and stay on the cutting edge of data-driven business!