COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Insights from the TIBCO Data Science Team

COVID-19 : A Visual Data Science Analysis and Review from TIBCO
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Tracking regional outbreaks and estimating the spread of COVID-19

We are all glued to the news and various online updates as we seek to better understand and appropriately respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. These unprecedented events have affected nearly every corner of the globe, causing us all to seek accurate information about what is happening and what’s still to come. 

But what information is most helpful? Because this new disease has a long incubation period, a broad spectrum of symptoms ranging from mild to severe, and so many factors that can affect infection rates, there is much to consider.  And looking at the raw data alone can create a sense of panic.

TIBCO’s Data Science team took on this challenge, applying their expertise along with visual and predictive analytics tools to crunch the numbers. Their goal was to understand the outbreaks in real time at the community level and to assess the effects of the non-pharmaceutical, social interventions. We hope their insights add value for those involved in the response to COVID-19 and provide greater awareness of the facts for the community overall.

Here are a few highlights of what they developed:

1. Daily updates and analyses of cases, fatality, and recovery trajectories for individual countries. 

2. Spatial analyses and timelapse views showing outbreak progressions across regions. 

3. Model updates estimating the reproduction number over time (Rt) for countries and states, and relating these models to non-pharmaceutical intervention methods.  

To learn more about their methods and findings, visit our TIBCO Community site to read COVID-19: A Visual Data Science Analysis and Review, by TIBCO Chief Data Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell and the TIBCO Data Science team.  Please forward this link to anyone who might be interested and bookmark it to stay abreast of the latest findings as the team continues their investigation.  

Please also see our new app for creating a safe place to work, TIBCO Gathersmart™.