TIBCO NOW 2020: A New Era of Sustainable Innovation

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Every year, our goal is to deliver a world-class experience at TIBCO NOW, bringing together technologies and technologists that are changing the landscape of global business and society. 

This year, we’ve had to think a little differently about what “bringing together” means, and we are excited to announce the TIBCO Connected Experience, all about bringing TIBCO NOW to you, where you want it. You can expect the same great content—keynotes, breakout sessions, TIBCO partners, and much more—and you will be able to curate a custom agenda of content most relevant to you and watch it at your own pace, in your own time zone. In the coming months, we will release information on pricing, registration, an updated agenda, and more. 

Each and every day, enterprises are coming up with new, innovative ways to engage their customers through personalized and immersive experiences. We are gearing up to provide you with a completely customizable event at TIBCO NOW 2020 where you will harness the power of your business’s data to ideate your next transformative breakthrough. 

How Can Data Lead Your Next Transformative Breakthrough? 

The number one challenge enterprises face today is maintaining their innovation momentum. Innovation is a necessity to compete in today’s constantly evolving, and increasingly competitive environments. At TIBCO NOW 2020 you’ll learn best practices to achieve long-term innovation to keep your business in a continuous state of reinvention. We call it “Sustainable Innovation.” 

Sustainable innovation is not just about solving the problems that businesses are faced with today or the challenges they faced in the past; it’s also gearing up to solve tomorrow’s impossible and unknown challenges. Every day, TIBCO’s customers overcome complex business challenges, whether it is enhancing customer intimacy, improving operational excellence — or in some cases — reinventing their business models. But, sustaining innovation over the long term is even harder; innovation needs to constantly regenerate in order to stay ahead. TIBCO NOW 2020 will help you maintain the pace of transformative ideas, collaboration, and market impact, and harness the evolution of technology to accelerate your way forward.

Sessions to Spark Your Innovation Pathways

From break-out sessions to our sponsor and TIBCO demo offerings, TIBCO NOW is a dynamic and immersive experience designed to spark and deliver transformation. Attendees get a look into emerging technology trends and how their business can utilize them. Curious to know more? Here’s a sneak peek of the content themes you can expect at TIBCO NOW 2020:

  • Core Innovation: Next-level product innovations and solutions to solve today and tomorrow’s impossible business data challenges by connecting applications, data sources, and devices seamlessly; unifying intelligently for better trust, access, and control; and predicting confidently with real-time, data-driven intelligence.
  • Leading the Way: Customer-led stories of innovation around fueling the modern enterprise by placing customers at the center of business strategies, processes, and systems. Learn best practices and lessons learned from customers as they share how they’ve won and sustained customer intimacy, operational excellence, and business reinvention to maximize business value and revenue streams. 
  • #TIBCO4Good: #TIBCO4Good is our promise to contribute software, training, expertise, and strategic guidance to approved partner organizations and communities. Simply put, here at TIBCO our mission is to solve meaningful human challenges through technology. Some organizations we’ve helped through the program include Tipping Point Community, DataShack, and the Scottish Environment Protection AgencyLearn more about #TIBCO4Good, current projects, and initiatives
  • Immersion and Impact: Experience virtual tours and deep dives into the ecosystems, science, and impact of data to overcome industry disruptions. Leverage it to transform into a modern enterprise for innovation, collaboration, and growth. 

Introducing the TIBCO Education Program

This year, we are introducing the TIBCO Education Program, where attendees can choose to participate in one (or more) education offerings to boost their TIBCO knowledge and expertise:  

  • Product Knowledge Training: For technical fundamentals and advanced courses that will get you ready for a product certification exam you can take either at the conference or when you get back to the office.
  • Demos: For exploring TIBCO products and solutions for your digital business and follow along as product experts demonstrate how TIBCO solutions can help you solve your biggest digital challenges.
  • Certifications: For system integrators, developers, and other IT professionals, our TIBCO Certification program covers key concepts. A $300 value, prep courses, and exams will be offered free to conference attendees with a NOW Educate pass.

Product Knowledge and Certifications are available for a number of our most popular products. Be sure to check the website for more details on which products apply. 

Call for Papers

Do you have an impactful story to share? The TIBCO NOW Call for Papers is open. We encourage you to submit your ideas and showcase how you can help digital leaders drive sustainable innovation for their organizations. Submissions will be considered for a speaking slot at TIBCO NOW.  

If you are interested, fill out our submission form, to be considered for a speaking slot. The more detail received, the more likely you will be considered. The deadline is this Friday, May 29, 2020

TIBCO knows that sustaining innovation is more difficult than initiating innovation. As a company, we are deeply committed to sustaining innovation in ways that best support the success of our customers. At TIBCO NOW 2020, we are excited to give you the tools for predictable and repeatable innovation so you can deliver fresh, compelling customer experiences and lead in your field using the latest technology trends.

For more information on what to expect and how to register, check out the TIBCO NOW 2020 website

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