Overcome the Most Common Roadblocks to Digital Transformation

TIBCO Digital Transformation Roadblocks
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Your digital business is constantly changing: customer demands are shifting, as are the means of production and operation. To support effortless experiences, new business opportunities, and real-time intelligence, your business needs to be agile. However, transforming into a digital business that enables agility is not easy. You have a lot of legacy architecture and a culture that’s just not ready to change. Fortunately, you now have two resources to help you overcome any roadblocks you might be facing in your digital transformation efforts.

Both Gartner and TIBCO have recognized the most common roadblocks to digital transformation and have laid out manageable road maps of how to overcome them. Using both the Gartner report (talked about below) and the TIBCO solution (the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh blueprint), you can become a truly agile, digital business, regardless of your current technology debt or any other hurdle that may be preventing you from becoming a digital organization.

To begin, Gartner explains three application architecture trends that you can use today to facilitate transformation, modernize your application portfolio, and deliver new capabilities. The three modern application architecture trends that they recommend you adopt to help transform are:

Mesh App and Service Architecture (MASA)

First, you must build a mesh app and service architecture (MASA) that provides fundamental architectural capabilities that enable applications to multi-channel experiences. It responds rapidly to digital business demands such as agility, shared business capabilities, security, and resiliency. As digital business depends on a flexible application portfolio that enables effortless experiences, supports new ways of doing business, and makes the most of new technologies, now is the time to implement a MASA in your organization.

API Platform

Your organization needs APIs that enable access to the services that implement your business capabilities and data. However, It is not enough to just create APIs; you must also manage and govern your APIs and pull them together into a platform of shared business capabilities. You need a full lifecycle management API platform and strategy to design, build, publish, advertise, and manage your APIs. 

Event Processing

The fast pace of modern business requires that organizations improve their real-time awareness and decision making. Event driven architectures have proven to be a differentiator for those businesses that have taken the time to learn and deploy them. They deliver intelligent insights gleaned from event processing solutions detecting and responding to patterns in business operations, often in real time. Event processing is an old concept that has never really taken off in many enterprises, mainly due to its apparent complexity. However, embracing this type of architecture in a phased way can greatly speed up your digital transformation efforts. 

TIBCO Can Help You Transform into a Digital Business

According to Gartner, to build business agility and transform into a digital business you need to start with three modern application architectures: MASA, an API-platform, and event processing. These provide the foundation for rapid innovation—one that is API-led and event-driven to maximize connectivity and take action on events in the business as they occur in real-time. 

To help your organization take advantage of these modern application architectures, TIBCO has devised an easy to use blueprint, called the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh. This blueprint can help you efficiently build a technology foundation that will enable agility, regardless of your current infrastructure and technology debt. Meaning – if you use the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh, you don’t have to throw away what you already have. We will help you transform no matter what roadblocks you may face. 

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Digital businesses are constantly demanding new application capabilities. Thus, application leaders should work to modernize their application infrastructure with the latest trends to enable these capabilities. Read this report from Gartner and learn about the TIBCO Responsive App Mesh to learn how you can implement modern application architecture trends to facilitate transformation regardless of your current situation.