5 Women Who Made an Impact on Technology

International Women's Day Women in Technology TIBCO
Women in the TIBCO India office celebrating International Women's Day
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March 8 was International Women’s Day, and here at TIBCO, we are celebrating the women who work here as they make their impact on technology, as well as women from all over the world who’ve made a positive impact on technology. In continued support of these women, we’ve compiled a list of five women who have changed the face of technology over the last few centuries. 

1. Grace Hopper, “The Mother of Computing”

Grace Hopper got her start by working at the Harvard Computation Lab as part of the Navy Reserve. Her accomplishments include programming the Mark 1 computer that brought speed and accuracy to military initiatives; developed the first business-oriented machine (UNIVAC I), architected COBOL, which is still a standard of data processing today; and the idea that computer code could be written and read like language.

2. Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer

Ada Lovelace was considered not only the first female computer programmer but the first-ever computer programmer. She was a visionary for what programming and computers could eventually become. In fact, she published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a computer. 

3. Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician

Katherine Johnson worked for NASA for over 30 years, helping it successfully plot the flight paths of some of America’s earliest space exploration expeditions, including John Glenn’s orbital mission to the moon in 1961. According to Johnson, her most successful contribution to space exploration was the calculations that helped synch Project Apollo’s Lunar Module with the lunar-orbiting Command and Service Module.

4. Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal, RoKit Williams Racing

Of the 10 teams competing in Formula One, RoKit Williams Racing is the only team to have a female Deputy Team Principal. Formula One racing has always been typically a male-dominated sport, and one where a team is only as good as the car it drives. Claire Williams was appointed to the role in 2013, retaining the responsibility for the team’s marketing, communications and the commercial aspects of the team’s business. Williams is currently working to rebuild the team and bring it back to the glory it experienced in the nineties, with George Russell and Nicholas Latifi as this season’s drivers.

5. Angelica Ross, founder of TransTech Social Enterprises

Angelica Ross, a transgender woman, one of the leading advocates for transgender opportunities in tech, is the founder of TransTech Social Enterprises, an organization that focuses on “lifting people out of poverty” through social work and technical training in addition to helping gender-nonconforming people find opportunities in technical roles. 

At TIBCO, we support the work that women do globally. We are a sponsor of a women’s professional cycling team, Team TIBCO-SVB, in addition to our own Women in Technology (WIT) group, working with nonprofits such as Girls Who Code. As a part of International Women’s Day, TIBCO offices around the globe celebrate the women who work at TIBCO and in tech around the world with this inspiring video:

By sharing the accomplishments of women in tech as well as showing appreciation for all that women do at TIBCO, we hope you are encouraged to do the same in your organization. 

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