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Information on the Coronavirus pandemic is changing in real time. To support worldwide communities in managing the effects of the virus, we set up this information hub, including live interactive visual data science analyses, as well as blogs and partner contributions. Our goal is to understand community outbreaks and healthcare resources in real time and assess the local effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions. From this page, you can download a Spotfire Starter Template, curated data, and analytics scripts for building your own customized COVID-19 application.

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Discover new insights

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COVID-19 Spotfire Application

This interactive application has visual analytics that show the current outbreak status, growth trajectories, rate of spread, effects of interventions, and healthcare resources. Use it to see global patterns and interactively drill into your local region. This video shows highlights of the TIBCO Spotfire® COVID-19 application:

Meeting the challenge of this pandemic calls us all to be deliberate and thoughtful, and so, too, does the data you’ll find through this app. For those who are not interested in exploring the data, key takeaways are in the Summary and Community Actions sections at the end of this blog.

Build your own COVID-19 application with the Spotfire starter template

By providing access to a variety of useful datasets that are refreshed daily, the downloadable Spotfire® template allows users and partners to quickly get started with COVID-19 analysis: 

  • Johns Hopkins University CSSE public data on global Coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries in countries, provinces, and US counties
  • US Census Bureau data on US state and county populations
  • Disease Virulence data on several viruses aggregated from multiple sources 

The template includes R scripts and data workflows that download and clean the latest public data.

TIBCO Partners and Customers collaborating on COVID-19 work

These TIBCO customers and partners are providing resources and working on COVID-19 issues using TIBCO Software. Their aim is to accelerate development of solutions by sharing insights and resources. If you would like to join this effort and share your resources here please get in touch!

Arria Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Arria Natural Language Generation (NLG)

TIBCO Spotfire + Arria NLG instantly converts multiple data streams into visuals and expertly written narrative analysis.  Go to Arria site for information on how to add Arria NLG to Spotfire.

Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare

TIBCO and Change Healthcare, one of the largest independent healthcare technology companies in the United States, help providers, payers, and pharmacies better use their health IT data.  See the Change Healthcare COVID-19 Web Site and TIBCO press release for information on this relationship 

Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer

PerkinElmer is a strategic partner that provides the next generation of scientific research and development applications to the marketplace.  Get more information on their COVID-19 projects on the TIBCO Community COVID-19 HQ page


Special thanks to the members of the TIBCO Data Science team who are working on these analyses using Spotfire software (visual analytics, R, Python): Neil Kanungo, Peter Shaw, and Prem Shah supported by Vinoth Manamala, Eric Hsu, David Katz, Colin Gray, Ian Pestell, Andrew Berridge, Heleen Snelting, Mike Alperin, and Dan Rope.

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Data sources used:

Complete list of data sources used in the Live Spotfire App is maintained in the Release Notes of the Live Spotfire App itself.