COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Visual Analysis Hub

Supporting the community, sharing insights

The information landscape regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is changing in real-time. To support our communities in managing the effects of the virus, we set up this information hub and visual data science analyses. Our goal is to understand the outbreaks in real-time at a community level, and assess the effects of the non-pharmaceutical, social interventions. We hope these analyses help those involved in their response.

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Discover new insights

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Meeting the challenge of this pandemic calls us all to be deliberate and thoughtful, and thus the content you’ll find here requires time and attention. For those who are not data scientists, key takeaways are in the Summary and Community Actions sections at the end of the blog.

Special thanks to the TIBCO Data Science team who are working on these analyses using Spotfire (Visual Analytics; R, Python) : Neil Kanungo, Peter Shaw, Prem Shah did the heavy lifting, and were well supported by Vinoth Manamala, Eric Hsu, David Katz, Andrew Berridge, Heleen Snelting, Mike Alperin and Dan Rope.

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