3 Customers Building AI-Powered Apps to Sustain Innovation

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Since its launch in 2017, TIBCO LABS has actively collaborated with customers and partners in various areas of innovation. Directed by TIBCO’s Office of the CTO, TIBCO LABS empowers customers and partners to quickly build apps that handle real-time data, and provide a connected experience to solve the toughest business problems using cutting edge technology like AI and IoT.

In 2020, TIBCO LABS projects evolved to incorporate more data science components and methodologies, and into the creation of a set of AI-infused applications running in the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. This was accelerated with the development of TIBCO GatherSmart™, a solution for the safe reopening of facilities via scientific symptom tracking. GatherSmart builds upon a set of COVID-19 visual analysis and data science workstreams featured in TIBCO’s Visual Analysis Hub

This blog describes three examples of such TIBCO Connected Intelligence Apps that support sustainable innovation by empowering customers and partners to quickly build apps that encompass various technologies, handle real-time data, and provide a connected experience to solve their toughest business problems.

Digital Twins and IoT Facilitate New Business Opportunities

IoT continues to fuel the fourth industrial revolution, transforming many enterprises into digital businesses and facilitating new business models. TIBCO LABS’ Project AIR™ enables centralized access and management of IoT devices, efficient processing and storage of IoT derived data, and support for running analytics both at the edge and in the cloud, giving customers easy access to this new technology.

TIBCO customer and partner Formula One team Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 is benefiting from Project AIR. The powerhouse is able to take the vast amount of IoT data produced from its race vehicles, visualize that data, and run machine learning algorithms to derive insights and patterns that enable collaborative tech and business teams to make more informed decisions faster. They use simulators that mimic the real track experience and act as a digital twin to maximize the benefits of limited on-track testing time. As a result, the team experiences process optimization, insights into predictive and condition-based maintenance, and optimal business action on the event stream, contributing to the team’s sixth Constructors’ Championship in 2019.

Hemlock Semiconductor, another TIBCO customer, has been able to get a more complete view of its factory floor, enabling insight into manufacturing processes, scientific inquiry, and exploration into energy consumption, with the intent of maximizing energy efficiency and spot anomaly detection. By bringing IoT to the manufacturing process, the company has been able to optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase user adoption. 

Process Mining to Improve Business Visibility 

Another TIBCO LABS project, Project Discover™, is a process-mining solution built on the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud that allows customers to discover, learn, improve, and predict process behaviors from event logs produced by operational systems. Designed to allow customers to quickly gain visibility into their existing business processes and resource utilization, Project Discover is a key first step towards any successful digital transformation. 

Invitalia, Italy’s national agency for internal investment and economic development, turned to TIBCO’s process mining technology to detect and fix performance inefficiencies in many of its business processes. Looking at the number of funding requests managed, Invitalia examined time-to-completion and performed a process-based cost analysis to remove hidden inefficiencies and boost their entire request management process. Through process models, Invitalia gained an understanding of every possible path or variant in a process and was better able to accurately assess its performance.

Helping Organizations Return Safely to the Office

One of the main goals of TIBCO LABS is to help organizations build smarter AI apps. Earlier this year, TIBCO LABS, leveraging the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, fast-tracked the deployment of a TIBCO4Good initiative, to deliver a managed offering for COVID-19 symptom tracking of employees. TIBCO GatherSmart™ is designed to provide a safe, easy-to-manage solution for all types and sizes of organizations as they return to work.

In fact, TIBCO has partnered with Dartmouth College to gather, monitor, and share different data sets related to COVID-19 and create a real-time view of its response to the pandemic. This will ensure appropriate management of temperature and symptom screening information for community members on campus at an enterprise scale while enabling the institution to act quickly and limit exposure on campus.

But this is just the beginning — TIBCO LABS just announced its partner program, where it is working with current TIBCO partners globally to create innovative, customer-centric solutions for customers while leveraging many of the latest technologies available in the market. 

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Sustainable business practices and data-centric tools are critical components for long term financial performance as well as societal impact. TIBCO LABS helps organizations leverage cutting-edge emerging technologies and solutions to re-invent themselves now and into the future. To learn more, visit the TIBCO LABS website and/or send an email to tibcolabs@tibco.com