Unlocking retail success: Enhanced customer experiences, seamless integration, and cost savings with TIBCO

TIBCO unlocks retail success by enhancing customer experiences, delivering seamless integration, and cost savings.
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TIBCO has a reputation as a trusted, modern enterprise platform for global retailers around the world. With customers such as Campari Group and Panera Bread, TIBCO is well-versed in providing mission-critical enterprise capabilities to ensure retailers can consistently support and deliver on their unique consumer needs.

Continue reading to discover how retailers both large and small, with the help of TIBCO®, unlock large-scale, e-commerce success to improve their digital customer experience, at a fraction of the cost.

Figure 01: The benefit Metcash and Campari Group have seen since working with TIBCO.

Why retailers trust TIBCO

Large-scale, global, competitive retailers are constantly facing high demands that require immediate decisions and streamlined efficiency. In a recent Gartner® Market Insights, it was found that “57% of retailers plan to spend more on software next year” and that “49% of retailers regret one or more software purchases”—it’s clear that there’s a growing need for software to remain connected to consumers, competitive, and profitable, but there’s uncertainty on who to turn to. 

With a proven history of helping global enterprises solve complex business challenges for over 25 years, TIBCO has established itself as a trusted enterprise-grade software provider for customers. By delivering cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions to revolutionize business operations, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth, TIBCO has a reputation of successfully supporting digital businesses in dynamic landscapes.

Furthermore, TIBCO has:

TIBCO’s retail results

For over a quarter of a century, global enterprises have used TIBCO’s industrial-strength capabilities to solve their most complex challenges. Take TIBCO customer, Metcash, for example. Metcash works with more than 6,000 retailers and is Australia’s leading wholesale distribution company. With the help of TIBCO Integration capabilities, the Australian retail giant wanted to lower their overall operational costs, onboard new customers faster, enhance their customer experience, and decrease downtime—simply put, Metcash wanted to modernize and streamline their application integration.

In the first year of working together, Metcash and TIBCO did that and more. Metcash was able to synchronize and accelerate their retail enterprise connectivity by:

  • Delivering integrations 20% faster and at 50% less cost
  • Scaling operations by 120%
  • Producing 200+ interfaces for improved customer UX

Looking forward with TIBCO

Since the pandemic, most industries have undergone rapid change, and the retail landscape is no exception. With the increase in digital accessibility from consumers and supply-chain difficulties, large retailers have had to adapt more than ever before. At TIBCO, we want to help you prepare for and tackle these challenges. By continuing to embrace modernization, we are able to help retailers and our customers, Campari Group, Panera Bread, and Metcash, innovate and grow. 

In the spirit of accepting change, stay tuned for a highly-anticipated TIBCO announcement next month that has the potential to take your retail business to the next level—and cut costs.