Victory Fueled by Data

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team & TIBCO

Eight-time FIA Formula One™ Constructors' champion Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One is at the pinnacle of motorsport. During six years of partnership with TIBCO, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team amassed over 60 race wins—including Constructors' and Drivers' championships. The partnership, which lasted from 2017-2022, helped the Team turn data into insights, informing car design, race strategy, and driver performance.

Speed of data analysis and adaptability quickly translate into vital information. Data is the competitive advantage, fueling innovation and providing the best solutions for both constructing and racing

Navigating Change and Setbacks

In Detail: 2022

  • Complex Trade-offs

Redefining Success Amid Uncertainty

The biggest technical regulation change in a generation has led to unintended design consequences across the sport. The team immediately needed to gain stability and consistency in order to overcome unexpected aerodynamic challenges and stay competitive.

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Lessons for Every Industry

In Detail: 2021

  • Cost Visualization
  • Predictable Outcomes

Making the Most of Every Dollar

With new cost cap regulations, extracting the maximum performance per dollar spent has become more important than ever in Formula One™. Cost visualization helps the team better plan budgets, predict changing costs, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Leveraging Advanced Simulations

Continuous success relies upon calculated preparations for each unique racing situation. To achieve the best racing outcomes, the team simulates millions of racing scenarios and car configurations to devise the best strategies and ensure the best cars are on-track any given race day.

Predicting Costs and Managing Frequent Change: How the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team uses cost visualizations to adapt to new FIA rules LEARN MORE

Winning Data-Centric Strategies

In Detail: 2020

  • Data Foundation
  • Constant Adaptations
  • In-the-moment Decisions

Laying a Foundation for Long Term Success

Formula One™ racing is probably the most competitive, technology-intensive sport in the world. To achieve continuous success and keep competitors at bay, teams must expertly wrangle the volume, variety, and velocity of their data and turn it into a competitive advantage that fuels innovation.

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Innovating for Wins Year After Year

The time between F1™ seasons is short, and often, needed changes to car and strategy are great. Command of the team’s data enables speedy adaptation and innovation of processes, practices, and culture that add up to winning season after season.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1: Adaptation and Innovation in Formula One™ Learn More

Fast Decision-making Race after Race

Data analytics supports the game plan and the minute-by-minute decisions made by the garage, drivers, and other team stakeholders. With every new circuit, unrelenting competitors, and changing weather and track conditions, data analytics and decision-making are crucial.

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Fueling Industries Beyond the Track

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The modern data-centric economy is exploding with connected devices. Businesses need to integrate them, aggregate the massive flow of disparate data into a cohesive view, analyze, then quickly act on the insights. Learn more about using the Internet of Things like the F1 team.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital twins are models of physical systems and offer tremendous value. One example is digitally monitoring physical assets and predicting when maintenance is needed to reduce downtime. Learn more about how the F1 team has turned digital twins into a competitive advantage.

Hyperconverged Analytics

Hyperconverged Analytics

TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics allows an understanding of past and present trends so you can make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes. Learn more about how hyper-converged analytics delivers predictive insights at scale.

We Thrive As One
We Thrive as One

We Thrive As One

Join seven-time F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton and TIBCO's former CEO, Dan Streetman, for their discussion on diversity within technology and motorsport, plus the general awareness of the challenges individuals and organizations can overcome.


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