Data, Analytics, and a Cold Beer on a Hot Day

TIBCO Data, Analytics, and a Cold Beer on a Hot Day
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Meeting a friend after work for a conversation and a couple of beers is one of life’s simple pleasures. And even better when it occurs in an outdoor café on a warm summer afternoon.

While COVID-19 presents a short-term hindrance, I recently simulated this experience with my friend Philip Moston, a business intelligence (BI) Architect and Solutions Consultant at TIBCO partner QuinScape, based in Dortmund, home to the highest concentration of breweries in Germany. 

It had been a year since Philip and I last met in person in just such an outdoor café setting. So, although we had to take a raincheck on the beer, I was glad to catch up with him for his insightful update on data and analytics adoption in Germany. 

Philip, to provide context, let’s start with an introduction to QuinScape and your role there.

“QuinScape was formed 20 years ago by a group of neural network and decision theory researchers from the University of Dortmund. Today, we have over 170 employees.

We help our clients turn data and analytics into a competitive advantage, collaborating with them to design and implement business solutions that span data ingestion, storage, and organization, as well as reporting and analytics. We primarily work in German-speaking regions.

As a BI Architect and Solutions Consultant, I span both data and analytics. On the data side, I help our clients modernize their data architectures and enabling technology. Then on the analytics side, I show them how to use this new foundation to accelerate the development of bespoke BI solutions tailored to their needs.”

Tell us about QuinScape’s relationship with TIBCO?

“We are big proponents of TIBCO’s data and analytics offerings. As partners, when we combine TIBCO with QuinScape’s strategy, design, and implementation services, it helps our clients become more data-driven. And because every client is unique, we can personalize TIBCO’s general-purpose offerings to meet client-specific requirements and use cases.”

 Can you give us an example of the kind of client impacts your TIBCO partnership is providing?

“In some cases, our work helps provide the data and insights that let our clients operate better. In other cases, our work helps them create higher-value, differentiated products that result in greater revenues and larger market share.

A good example is a fourth-party logistics client that organizes logistics for their customers, bringing manufacturers, carriers, and end customers together. Their success is expressed in KPIs, such as on-time delivery, price per kg/km, etc. We built a TIBCO Jaspersoft®-based portal that helped them showcase these KPIs. Not only did this enrich and differentiate their offering, but it also let them focus on developing their core logistics application without worrying about the BI and analytics complement.”

You are also doing a lot of work with TIBCO® Data Virtualization lately. What is driving this uptick? 

“The competing demands of faster time to market and constrained resources have forced business teams, BI groups, and IT departments to rethink replication-centric data architectures. Also, increasing cloud usage has broadly distributed everyone’s data, leading to hybrid implementation scenarios. TIBCO Data Virtualization lets our clients quickly gain a coherent view of their data no matter where it resides, and continuously adapt that view as their business and data changes.”

Where else are you seeing accelerating interest in TIBCO-based solutions? 

“Our clients realize that data truly is an asset and they need to treat it that way. So interest in master data management, data governance, data quality, and data cataloging has risen dramatically. Further, regulatory restrictions like GDPR are setting high standards whose requirements can only be properly addressed by modern data management solutions. To respond we have built up our TIBCO EBX™ and TIBCO Cloud™ Metadata practices as these are just the kind of next-generation data management solutions our clients are looking for.”

“Our clients realize that data truly is an asset and they need to treat it that way. Interest in master data management, data governance, data quality, and data cataloging has risen dramatically. Click To Tweet

How can organizations learn more about QuinScape?

“Our website ( is a great place to start. We also provide regular data and analytics webinars. Readers can find these webinars both on our and TIBCO’s websites. And if readers would like to directly discuss their data and analytics requirements, use our contact form on our website. 

Thanks for the great conversation Philip. And next time let’s do it face to face along with a couple of Dortmund’s finest pale lagers.

“Sounds good Bob. I’ll select the beers and you can pay.”