Viva Las Vegas: Ten Sure Technology Bets for 2020–Part 4

TIBCO Technology Bets
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Completing Your Winning Hand 

To win the data game, it helps to deal yourself four aces. In my last blog, I shared your first two aces, adaptive data architecture and agile methods.

In my final blog of this series, I add two more aces and a wild card to your hand. 

Your Third Ace: Advanced Data Management Technology

In Las Vegas, the casinos provide unified environments that combine gaming, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, and recreation. In this way, the casino simplifies and maximizes their customers’ experience. Unfortunately, vendors of data management solutions—metadata management, master data management, data governance, data catalog, data modeling, data quality, data security, and data integration to name a few—haven’t adopted this unified approach. Greater complexity, higher costs, and lower value-add are the result.

Your winning hand includes an advanced data management technology ace that: 

  • Provides the simplification and optimization that results from a unified data management suite rather than separate best-in-class applications for metadata management, MDM, data governance, data catalog, data modeling, data security and data integration. 
  • Lets you manage metadata, master data, reference data, transaction data and streaming data holistically and thus maximize returns on these key data assets. 
  • Is open and modular so you can implement it in a staged manner and fund expansion with proven savings. 

Your Fourth Ace: Augmented People  

Lets face it, from database administrator to data steward, data engineer to developer, business analyst to data scientists, your data management workloads are expanding apace your growing data complexity. 

Your winning hand includes an augmented people ace with: 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning that reduce workloads by automating manual processes such as data discovery and matching, model design and query optimization. IDC analyst Stewart Bond outlines multiple such augmentation opportunities in his March 2020 report, The AI Automation Framework Applied to Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software.
  • Role-based tools that expand your pool of data management enabled people, for example adding tools that empower citizen data engineers.
  • Data management processes that embrace business domain expertise and thereby improve data quality and relevance. For example, at Panera Bread, the store managers, who know their store layouts better than anyone, manage their store configurations within the corporate MDM repository.

Your Wild Card: TIBCO Unify

Every Las Vegas casino knows the importance of branding. That is why their logo is on the back of every card. But unlike Vegas, I held back the TIBCO commercial until your fifth card. And rather than TIBCO on the back, in this case, TIBCO Unify is front and center, serving as the wild card in your winning hand. 

TIBCO Unify is TIBCO’s advanced data management suite you can use to manage your data intelligently for better access, trust, and control. It includes:

  • TIBCO Data Virtualization to break down your data silos and deliver one place to access, combine, and provision all your data.
  • TIBCO EBX, a single solution that lets you govern, manage, and consume all your shared data assets
  • TIBCO Cloud Metadata, a next-generation enterprise metadata management, data catalog and governance solution you can use to deliver the data context, coherency, and control you require. 

Combining these offerings, TIBCO Unify addresses every kind of data—metadata, reference data, master data, transactional, and streaming data—so you can manage these critical assets holistically.  On-premises, in the cloud, or spanning an ever-evolving hybrid combination, TIBCO Unify adapts with your data architecture today and tomorrow. Further, Unify lets you implement successfully in a staged manner, paying off your investments quickly while building the foundation for future success. 

Your Winning Hand 

In part one of this blog series I contrasted technology predictions (less than sure projections of the future) so prevalent early each year, versus sure technology bets (those things you can be 100% sure will happen).  

In part two, I provided my list of 10 sure bet technology trends you can count on to continue. With data the common denominator across all of them. I concluded that investing in your data was certainly your wisest bet. 

In part three, I dealt you two aces, adaptive data architecture and agile methods, toward your winning hand.  And to that hand, in this blog I added two more aces, advanced data management and augmented people, as well as a wild card, TIBCO Unify.

Spanning people, processes, technology and architecture, this winning hand pays off big helping you tap the power of your data and drive the business transformations you need to thrive in 2020 and beyond.  

Best of luck.